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The Fascinating Journey of Rugs & Carpets

You sure have seen me in the hallway of your home or maybe around your bed or table defining spaces, conveying sense of warmth and welcome, spreading beauty with my colors. I am essential part of your home’s decoration. I am rug.

Let me take you on a journey, a journey which will make you know about me, my evolution, my qualities and beauty.

Many centuries ago, shepherds begin knotting wool into heavy woven cloth and I came into existence. Over the centuries making me evolved from an art to fine art form. Before machines came into existence I was a fine piece of hand-made art. I was produced by turning wool into yarn, washing it, dyeing, hand knotting, finally shaving and leveling.

Machines came in and process got faster and cheaper. Even with the evolution of machines, the popularity of handmade rugs just didn’t fade away; instead it got its own unique place in society.

You can find me in many forms, from woolen to natural fiber to cotton and synthetic. I may come in different forms but there is one thing common and that is the expression I bring in the context of aesthetics and cultural sensibility while preserving ancient techniques.


Let’s have a little literature on my roots in different cultures:

Carpets from Egypt are fabricated with greater quantity as well as quality. Woven with wool Egypt carpets and rugs are tied with asymmetrical knots. Egyptian awe-inspiring hand woven carpets are famous all over the world.

Chinese carpets standout among the rest of the types of carpet of the world. Chinese carpet beauty can be seen in their flowers and geometric patterns.

Turkish carpets are inspired from their local culture. The carpet displays layouts with a repetition of simple or geometrical figures or symbols.

Indian carpets are overwhelming. They come in different patterns, styles and designs. Today the Indian carpet industry fascinates the world with its enthralling woven carpets which proudly beautify homes in India and in international front.

For centuries rugs have been companion for human beings and will be companion for humans in their future too.

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Insight on Hand Knotted Rugs - Woollen and Silk

Hand knotted rugs are playing most important role in the world of carpeting. The knots are tied by experienced weavers to create a mesmerizing effect by the intricate patterns. The hand knotted rugs are created by tying horizontal knots on the vertical threads of the loom.

Generally there are two main types of knots in practice; The Persian/Senneh knot & the Turkish/ Ghiodes knot.The Persian knot is crafted in a way that it has less of a gap, and this makes the pile thinner. The Turkish knot is crafted using double knots on the back side, and this makes the gap in the front bigger causing the pile of a Turkish rug to be much thicker and bulky. The Persian knot is more commonly used in our country & the rest of the Oriental region.

Hand knotted rugs are generally woven with wool, silk or a combination of both. The rugs that are made of silk are exceptionally beauteous & are available at an equally stunning price. The silk rugs have a gleaming look because of the innate shine in silk. The design & pattern in silk rugs is more defined & intricate because silk is a fine fiber & it allows more knots per square inch as compared to wool, weaving a silk rug takes around three to four times more than a woollen rug thereby making the rug more luxurious & pricey.

Rugs created with wool are alluring yet sturdy & prove to be better than silk rugs over time because the material is not as delicate as silk. Plus, woollen rugs handle spills and stains better & are more resistant to dirt. Woollen rugs can be placed anywhere in the house because they can bear any amount of foot traffic.


Many times rugs are created with the combination of both wool & silk thereby resulting in the perfect amalgamation of both. These rugs have the base of wool & the detailing of the design is done with silk to create the polished look.

Tying knots by hand is an extensively time consuming task. On an average approx 10000 knots can be tied by a weaver in a day. To weave difficult patterns highly skilled weavers are required which thereby increases the cost of production. An expert & experienced weaver can tie a maximum of 1200 knots/hour.

Depending upon the size & the intricacy of the design of the rug, it may take a few months to a few years of time to craft it

It’s a well established fact that when you buy a hand-knotted rug, you are not just making a purchase but you’re making an investment. The seemingly exorbitant price of hand knotted carpets reflects the time and fine detailing that goes into creating these exclusive pieces of Art. If properly taken care of hand knotted rugs turn into heirlooms & last for generations & the more antique a rug is, the more expensive it becomes.

At Saraswatii Global, we not just create these prodigious marvels called hand- knotted rugs, we create opportunities for rural men & women to earn a dignified living, to be independent, to create their own niche, to fulfil their every single dream. With every single knot of the thread our Artisans tie their smiles, their dreams, their passion, so it’s not just a rug that you get when you purchase one, you get all the smiles & love & happiness that a weaver’s heart can hold.

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Tips to Buy Rugs & Carpets Online

What you think and understand about your rug. A Rug user feels comfort on his area rug. The rug is not only a floor cover but also it is the way to bring your room to life. When it comes to home decoration, Rug gives a beautiful appearance to your home environment. So rug is much more than something we simply move on it during the whole day. Hence you need to buy your living room rug or bedroom area rugs carefully. Online shopping for a rug may great ways to choose your preferred rugs. Shopping rugs online is a convenient alternative choice when you’re looking for budget-friendly the way for your home decoration. It may puzzle work for you to buy rugs online first time. So many of things are essential to keep in mind before buying area rugs online in India. You need to choose best quality, cheapest price, and durable carpet. Choosing a best online store in India of Jaipur area is also an important thing to notice before shopping a carpet.

Check some suggestions to consider if you’re planning to buy rugs online:

1. You should plan ahead before going to buy carpets online. When you are going to buy the rug online you have plan carefully before visiting a store. You should consider shape, color, size, and style of the carpet.

2. Ask your friends who have to the online shopping experience. They might know about online frauds and best online stores near you.

3. Explore best deals on online stores with the great discount on rugs. Go through the search for budget-friendly rugs online deals. Sign up for email coupons and look for online sales.


4. Carpet material is also the most important thing to consider. Wool is the best material for the pile. Silk pile is luxurious but is not good for high traffic areas of your home. The warp can be cotton, wool or silk. Usually, tribal rugs are made of wool warp. Machine made and area rugs may look beautiful, but there may be some health issues and concerns with them compared with hand knotted rugs which use natural fibers such as cotton, wool, and silk.

5. Choosing the right size is very important. Make sure to measure the place correctly before referring to any rug store. Try to get standard size rug compared with odd sizes.

6. The color is another important factor in selecting a rug. The color of the rug should match with the wall, furniture, draperies, and other items surrounding it. Light colors make the room look bigger.

7. Choosing cheapest price area rugs online at a best online shopping platform. Choose a quality rug design which is worthy to your budget also. Rug bids are generally your best bet for higher-end rugs. It pays to attend a few auctions even if they don’t have a rug you want, to get familiar with the sales process and how prices run.

There are lots of online store to buy rugs at cheapest price like Saraswati Global is most leading carpet manufacturer and exporter platform, gaining popularity day by day.

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Hand knotted vs Hand Tufted Rugs

Hand knotted rugs are the classic example of premium hand woven rugs where thousands of knots are tied one over the other by seasoned artisans to create intricate patterns. These rugs take a long time to complete. These rugs are luxuriously upmarket & are worth a fortune. The cost is determined by the kind of fibre used (mainly silk & wool), number of knots per square inch, complexity of the design, shape & size of the rug.

These rugs though come at an exorbitant price but are known to be an investment for generations. If properly taken care of, hand knotted rugs turn into precious & treasured heirlooms that are lovingly passed on from one generation to another. 

Hand tufted rugs are made by punching strands of wool into a canvas that is stretched on a frame by using a hand operated tufting gun. Once the pile is created, the rug is removed from the frame & the carpet is secured with a heavy duty lining at the back. These rugs are beautiful to look at and add an appealing and fascinating touch to your interior decor.

Hand tufted rugs that are made with the finest quality of wool look worth a million bucks & are available at a very affordable price. These rugs are best suitable for heavy traffic areas like living rooms & hallways. 

It isn’t easy to create hand knotted rugs; its creation requires a lot of precision, focus & dedication. An average hand knotted rug takes a minimum time of 4 months to complete while a rug with a complex design may take years to complete. This is what makes these rugs so pricey. When you purchase a hand knotted rug you don’t just pay for the rug i.e. the end product but you also pay for the artisan’s dedication, proficiency & the extensive labour put in its creation & finishing.


Hand tufted rugs take very less time to complete in comparison to hand knotted rugs; hence the difference in their costing is remarkable.

 The process of creation of Hand Tufted rug too is quite different from that of hand knotted rugs. The design for the rug is printed on to a canvas & then with the help of tufting gun, artisans punch the required colour fibre into the canvas strands creating brilliant designs. Hand Tufted carpets generally have a thick pile. The back of the carpet is usually secured with latex & finally covered with another layer of cloth for protection. That’s why soaking of Hand Tufted rugs should be prevented as it might damage & destroy the rug permanently.

Hand Tufted rugs are usually made up of wool but nowadays the use of synthetic fibres like viscose, polyester etc is pretty much in trend. Hand tufted rugs are good for heavy traffic areas of your home/office/hotel.

Hand Knotted rugs can be easily identified by flipping over the rug. The brilliantly woven knots are clearly visible at the backside of any hand knotted rug, hand knotted rugs generally (though not necessarily always) have a fringe which basically is the warp thread.

Hand knotted rugs are usually made up of natural fibres like silk, wool or at times a combination of both. These fibres provide the strength & durability to the rug. The beauty of these rugs is that they do not lose the sheen & lustre with time. They remain equally classy & breathtakingly beautiful even after generations of purchase. They don’t shed & are known to outlive their owner.

Both hand knotted rugs & hand Tufted Rugs are beautiful in their own ways, if you are looking for a posh & lavish looking rug that stays in the family for generations then a Hand Knotted rug is the perfect choice for you, whereas if you like to change the aesthetics of your home frequently (every 4-5 years) & you are looking for a rug that’s trendy & chic, something that’s uber class & affordable too, then a Hand Tufted rug is what you need.

Check out our latest collection of rugs to explore the best of both these types. The talented designers at Saraswatii love experimenting & keep coming up with vivid designs that our artisans impressively transform into unique masterpieces.

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Floor Carpet Pricing

Like any other home decor stuff carpets & rugs are also available for varying prices in the Indian market depending upon the quality, style & design. Here we will discuss the various factors that determine the final cost of a carpet thereby making it easier for you to select or customize a carpet entirely as per your taste & preference. The main factors involved

The main factors involved in determining a floor carpet’s price are:

  • The type of carpet
  • The type of Fibres (raw materials)
  • The Design
  • The size of carpet


To begin with let’s start with the type of carpets. Floor carpets in India are available in 5 main categories, namely

HAND KNOTTED: Hand knotted carpets are the amalgamation of the best of factors. The finest quality fibres (mainly raw hand spun wool & silk) woven together into an endless series of intricately hand tied knots to create marvellous designs & spectacular looks. These are the most expensive & most durable carpets. Hand knotted rugs are more of an heirloom; something that passes on with generations.

HAND TUFTED: Hand tufted carpets are generally made up of wool, these rugs aren’t as expensive as Hand knotted rugs. A hand tufted rug is created by punching strands of wool on to a canvas frame with help of a hand operated tufting gun. The hand tufted rugs come in a huge variety of designs. These rugs are beautiful to look at & are a pocket friendly option for your home.

HAND WOVEN: Any floor carpet which is woven by hand is a hand woven carpet. These kinds basically include dhurries & kilims. These can be made up of wool, cotton or any synthetic material. These are easy to clean & are durable too. As the construction of hand woven carpets do not involve any strenuous labour & the raw material used isn’t very costly, hence these carpets are available at a very attractive price.

FLAT WEAVE: Flat weaves are a kind of Hand woven carpet, these have no pile hence flat. Flat weave rugs are created by weaving wool through the warp strings. These carpets are reversible & have zero pile. These are most favourable for places with heavy traffic. These carpets are quite reasonable & good looking too.

MACHINE MADE CARPETS: Machine made carpets are generally made with blending wool with synthetic fibres. These carpets are stylish, eye-catchy & very much affordable.


SILK: It is the most delicate & expensive fibre. A lot of care is required in handling & procuring a silk fibre & thereby the use of silk as a raw material increases the price of the rug manifolds.

WOOL: It is the most durable natural fibre. Woollen rugs are comfortable, warm, easy to maintain & expensive too.

Jute: Other natural fibres like jute are also widely used in the Indian market to make carpets. A Jute carpet is low maintenance & is available at a reasonable price.

SYNTHETIC FIBRES: Synthetic fibres like polypropylene, nylon, polyester, acrylic and art silk are majorly used to create machine made carpets. The fibres render a beautiful look to the carpet & are very much in a common man’s budget.

The intricacy of the design of a carpet also determines the cost of the carpet. For instance a hand knotted rug with a complex design & higher kpsi (knots per square inch) will any day cost more than a carpet with simple design & lesser kpsi.

For obvious reasons the size of a carpet does affect the price; the bigger the size, the higher its cost.

We at Saraswatii Global are committed to deliver our customers the finest quality of floor carpets in every price range. Irrespective of whatever material, design or type of carpet you choose be rest assured that we will provide you the best in class quality. For a glimpse of our unmatched quality in our vast collection of designer, contemporary & traditional rugs, feel free to indulge yourself in the myriad of colours of our enchanting rugs by browsing through our webpage. For any further details or help, please do get in touch with our friendly team of customer care executives.

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Choosing The Perfect Rug

Choosing the perfect rug is like choosing the perfect life partner, everyone has a different definition of perfection but you need something that fulfils all your requirements. Choosing the right rug is a difficult task & the degree of difficulty increases with its price. If you are investing in a premium hand knotted rug then you would want to be sure that it lasts long.

When the market is flooded with numerous varieties of carpets & when every seller claims of providing the best it gets all the more confusing & difficult to decide & choose the perfect rug for yourself. The key factor here is “you”, focus on your requirements & then choose what matches them all.

So, here is a basic checklist that might help you choose the perfect rug for your place.


Being trendy is great but being original is always in trend, so instead of blindly following the trend & buying something that is a misfit in the aesthetics of your space; purchase something that you like & that resonates with your personality.

Remember that a carpet or a rug is one such piece of furnishing that changes the entire look of a décor.


Shapes & sizes of carpets vary with each room in your home. Along with the expert tips you must pay heed to your own likes & preferences.

  1. Carpets for entrances or transitional spaces: The width of such carpets should either be same as that of the door or a few inches less.

  1. Carpets for Corridors, Passages or Galleries: The carpet should be long enough to fill the space; it should either leave even space on both ends to create a perfect balance or no space at all.

  1. Carpets for office or workspace at home: The size of the carpet should be large enough to accommodate all the furniture, i.e. tables & chairs.

  1. Living room carpets: The size of the carpet should complement the size of the room. In a large living room, one can use two carpets in order to create two separate sitting places. Ideally the carpet should be accommodative of the centre table & the first legs of sofas & chairs.

  1. Dining room carpets: One must place the dining table & chairs on the rug, with even space left all around. The shape of the rug should be decided as per the shape of the table. For instance, use a rectangular table; a round rug for a round table & so on.

  1. Bedroom carpets: Rugs give a cozy feel to the bedroom when added alongside the furniture.

  1. Small room carpets: Bold & bright designs on a rug give a larger look to the room.


Size colour & texture are three very critical parameters to choose the right rug. The rug should be neither too big nor too small for the room. The perfect shape & size of a rug enhances the beauty of your décor.

The colour of the rug should be decided keeping in mind the tone of décor & furniture. Your rug should complement the exisiting color scheme of your interiors.

The texture of the rug is another important deciding feature, while picking up the rug make sure that the rug is easy to clean & doesn’t trap dirt in its fibres, the high pile & shag rugs need frequent & careful cleaning.


For a high traffic room choose a sturdy rug that can withstand the load instead of a delicate one.

Likeways while choosing a rug for the kids’ room, look for a rug that provides proper grip & is easy to clean too.

The choice is entirely yours but we, at Saraswatii Global love to make sure that our customers have enough options of all kinds of rugs to make the final selection from.

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How To Ensure The Longevity Of Rugs

Deciding which rug to buy is a time taking process. After a lot of research & comparison of quality, designs & price we finalize the perfect rug for our cozy den & then after investing so much of time & money what if the rug doesn’t last more than a couple of years… what if its colors fade away too soon? What if it gets infested with moths & insects? What if the perfect rug doesn’t stay perfect?

These are the possibilities that we all dread to face but can arise due to lack of proper care. So here we shall discuss the means & ways to ensure the longevity of our rugs.

  1. Place a rug pad beneath your rug

The rug pad adds comfort & cushioning to the rug & in addition to these it also protects your rug & extends its life.

  1. Due to the shifting of the rug, the backing goes through wear & tears thereby damaging the rug.

  2. Inadequate ventilation on the back side of the rug leads to accumulation of moisture which causes mildew.

So if a rug pad is used the above problems can be avoided & the rug pad will also act as an added cushion for the rug & lessen the pressure on rug fibres thereby increasing its longevity. 


Dirt can damage your rug in more than one ways, too much dirt on your rug can make it appear dull & dirty; the dirt also damages the rugby weakening the fiber as a result of abrasion caused by the dirt particles.

Periodic vacuuming removes the dirt particles keeping the rug clean & fresh as new.

One must vacuum the low traffic area twice a week & the heavy traffic area 4-5 times a week.


In case of a spill, blot dries the spot immediately, you can also use a solution made with liquid washing soap & water to clean the spot. In case of a tough or deep spot seek help from professional cleaners.


Furniture leaves their imprints on the rug if kept at one place for a long time, which leads to damaging of the rug fibres as a result of excessive pressure at a particular place. To avoid this furniture must be rotated periodically & its placing must be changed.


While vacuuming the rugs one must not forget the surface beneath it. At times dirt seeps onto the floor from the carpet at the time of vacuuming due to air pressure. This dirt must be carefully cleaned by vacuuming to avoid abrasion of the rug fibers due to friction between the rug & the floor surface.


To limit the entry of dust inside your homes either remove your shoes at the doorstep or use doormats at the entrance of every room, so that you can wipe your shoe sole at the mat to clean the adhering dirt off your shoe sole. This would minimize the amount of dirt landing on the rug thereby minimizing the damage due to it.

By using all these means you can ensure that your carpets remain precious & beautiful for a longer period of time & retain its fine texture, color & quality.

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Traditional Transitional & Modern Carpets

The carpets have adorned our homes since many past centuries, equally alluring every generation with its charm. The patterns & designing styles have evolved with time. The traditional designs depict the ancient pattern of designing carpets; the transitional ones are a blend of both the past & present designing styles while the modern one is the present style of carpet designing. Though modern designs are the trend nowadays, still traditional & transitional carpets are equally admired & in demand.

Let’s discuss in detail these 3 types of carpets based on designing style:


As the name suggests these carpets are designed keeping in mind the ancient Europian/Victorian persian & oriental designing patterns. The traditional carpets have very well defined patterns which have been in use over generations, thereby leaving hardly any scope for experimentation & change in the design. Though these designs are many centuries old but yet they exhibit Elegance & sophistication. These rugs are the statement of class & add a luxurious touch to any décor with the gorgeous & intricate patterns. Traditional carpets are generally formal but they very well blend with the modern & trendy Décor. The traditional carpet designs usually contain these specific elements like flowers, ferns & leafy patterns, well-defined borders, a central medallion in shapes like diamonds, hexagons & polygons & all these in pre-defined colors like red, maroon, black, blue, brown, green etc.


Transitional carpets are a perfect blend of the ageless traditional & trendy Modern carpet designs; transitional carpets are a soulful union of the best of both resulting in an endearing mesmerizing &suave creation. The transitional designs have crafted a perfect balance between traditional & modern designs; these are gorgeous yet a little less formal, these have the elegance & Panache of the traditional patterns & the freshness & chic look of the modern patterns. Like for an instance, these rugs might have a floral pattern or a medallion but without any defined boundaries or borders.


Modern carpets are generally created in vibrant bright colors with abstract, geometrical & asymmetrical patterns. The modern designing is highly innovative & creative; these designs are a perfect fit for modern homes, trendy business houses, lobbies & halls. Modern rugs are more like a piece of art rather than just being a conventional rug. The modern rugs have a huge variety of designs & color themes giving the designer an opportunity to experiment & also providing the buyer an enormous variety to choose from. The modern designs are loved equally by the young & old generations & these designs beautifully blend with any kind of décor.

Our skilled weavers at Saraswati Global create all these types of rugs in a completely in-house manufacturing process. The beauty & value of these rugs is enhanced by the use of eco-friendly dyes to color the yarns. We strive to create something for everyone’s taste hence we offer our customers a wide range of options to choose from. You will find the classy elegant antique rugs & also the unconventional & chic modern rugs.

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Types of Carpet

Nowadays the market is flooded with various types of carpets that you can adorn your homes with. Some carpets are superior in quality, some are more durable, some have longevity and some are a visual treat. Saraswatii Global being a leading brand in Carpet Manufacture & export offers you the best quality carpets in different varieties. The quality of carpet is decided by factors like construction type, durability, strength, appearance and textures which depend on the kind of raw material used.

SGPL gives you an easy option to choose the perfect carpet for your interiors from a wide collection of different varieties of carpets to beautify your abode. Types of carpets vary on the basis of construction & the kind of yarn used.

Different types of carpets on the basis of construction:

Hand Knotted Carpet: Hand knotted carpets are the Crème de la crème of the carpet world. It is a premium collection of rugs created by intricately woven fibers of finest quality wool & silk. Thousands of knots tied one over the other by our experienced weavers to create brilliant designs. Hand knotted rugs are an investment that turn into precious heirlooms with time.

Hand Tufted Carpet: Hand tufted carpets are made by punching strands of wool into a canvas that is stretched on a frame by using a hand operated tufting gun. A hand tufted carpet enhances the interiors of any place at an affordable price. These are specially crafted to withstand heavy traffic. These rugs are stylish & robust creating a mesmerising effect on the onlookers.

Hand Woven Carpet: These are multi utility hand woven rugs also known as the flat weave rugs created by weaving wool through the warps strings. These carpets are reversible & have no pile. These are most favourable for places with heavy traffic.

Machine made Carpet: Machine made carpets are created by large machines called power looms. These are electrically automated and controlled by computers. Machine made carpets and rugs are made quickly. Machine made carpets are available in wide variety of colours & in numerous designs & patterns.

Different types of Carpets on the basis of yarn:

Woollen carpets: Wool is known for its strength and carpets made out of wool are mainly used in humid areas where moisture content in the air is always high as the woollen fibre absorbs a lot of moisture without getting damp. Due to its protein based chemical nature wool is dyed easily. The soft & natural feel of woollen carpets is unmatchable. Wool rugs & carpets are known for their durability & longevity.

Silk Carpets: Silk is a luxurious fibre. It adds sheen & soft silky feel to the carpet. Even though it is delicate & fine, it is exceptionally durable. The addition of silk fibre to woollen carpets makes it more attractive. Silk combined with wool adds on to the aesthetics of your interiors. Silk woven carpets are used in the dry regions of the world. Silk rugs require a lot of care. Silk being an expensive raw material increases the cost of carpet thereby making it costlier than the woollen carpets.

Jute Carpets: Jute is a sustainable natural fibre & it lasts for years with just regular vacuuming. Jute carpets come at a very reasonable price. Though jute carpets aren’t as attractive as silk carpets but these can be easily woven, twisted, braided and knitted to generate beautiful designs. Jute being a natural fibre absorbs a lot of moisture & gets deformed by it; hence these rugs shouldn’t be placed in humid and damp areas. 

Synthetic Carpets: The market is flooded with various synthetic fibres like olefin, polyester and acrylic but the best synthetic fibre which is preferred for manufacturing carpets is Nylon. The best suited carpets for outdoor purpose are the ones that are made with olefin fibres. Synthetic fibres aren’t much durable but the carpets made with these are beautiful, easy to maintain & well within your budget.

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Manufacturing Process

At Saraswatii we believe in using nothing but the best raw material for our world-class carpets. The pure wool is sheared off sheep in our scrutiny, and then it is processed & spun into yarns. The raw Wool/ silk fibers are spun into a yarn with help of charkhas & machines & the yarn then undergoes the dyeing process. The yarn is colored by batch dyeing process by soaking the yarn in the dyes for several hours with help of large machines. These dyed fibers are then dried completely. Once dried these strands are wrapped & sent for weaving.

Construction of the carpet basically varies with the kind of carpet, i.e. different construction techniques are involved in constructing a Hand knotted, hand tufted & machine made carpet.

A hand-knotted carpet is created by intricately tying more than thousands of knots one over the other. It is a long & tiring process. The minimum time required for creating a hand-knotted carpet is 3-4 months. Hand-knotted rugs are premium & a true visual treat; these rugs are exquisite & an investment for generations. There’s so much of labor & time involved in making these unique masterpieces which makes them pretty expensive.

Creation of Hand tufted carpets involves the use of a tufting gun by which strands of wool are punched into a canvas that is pre-stretched onto a frame. Once the pile is created, the rug is removed from the frame & the carpet is secured with a heavy duty lining at the back to prevent wear & tear. These rugs are beautiful to look at and are easy to construct, require less labor time hence are available at the much affordable price.

Machine made carpets are made by large machines called power looms. The Power looms are electrically automated and controlled by computers. One of the biggest benefits of Machine made carpets is that these can be made in less time. Machine made carpets are the low price alternative to hand knotted rugs. A fine quality machine made wool rug if properly taken care of can last for a couple of decades.

In the finishing process, the carpet is rigorously washed with water & chemicals to remove all the dirt, the designs & motifs are highlighted by carving & trimming the pile.  For finishing of a hand tufted carpet, a coating of latex is applied at the back to secure the carpet against any wear & tear. Shearing is a process where all the loose ends & projecting ends are sealed or tied to secure the carpet. This addition of a fringe is beautiful also secures the carpet.

Finally, each carpet undergoes a strict quality inspection to overrule any manufacturing defects before it is perfectly rolled & wrapped to ship.

We at Saraswatii global are committed to delivering only the best in class product & hence we leave no stones unturned to ensure that the quality of our carpets remains Top grade

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Carpet Cleaning

Carpets need a lot of care to stay beautiful & comfortable for years. We all have a busy lifestyle but we must take out sometime to take care of & clean our pricey carpets. With small tips you can easily keep your carpets clean at home. Regular cleaning of carpets enhances its beauty & charm.

Different fibres require different cleaning methods; here we are sharing some important tips to clean your carpets:

1. Frequent vacuuming you silk rug to pick the dirt before it settles
2. Avoid the use of a roller brush or beater.
3. Another safe alternative is by abiding by the age old method of – hanging the rug outside and beating it to remove dust and dirt, while also providing airing.
4. Don’t use enzymatic cleaners as these cleaners may break down the silk fibers
5. Never consider applying chlorine bleach to silk; it won’t just cause colour loss – it will destroy the fibres.
6. For serious stains, call a professional cleaner.

1. Vacuum your wool rug twice a month & the underside once in two months.
2. Do not use beater bars
3. Hang the rug outside & give it a beating
4. Do not try steam cleaning at home
5. For easy stains use a solution of vinegar, water & a mild soap.
6. For difficult stains consult a professional cleaner.

1. Natural fibers are highly absorbent and need to be cleaned regularly to keep them looking good long term
2. Vacuum regularly to keep dirt from getting trapped in the fibers
3. Do not steam clean or wet as natural fibers are highly absorbent and may cause shrinkage.
4. Suction cleaning or dry extraction cleaning is recommended.
5. Vacuum regularly without the beater bar turned on (or on highest pile setting).
6. For best results, periodic professional cleaning is recommended

1. Polyester is dirt and stain resistant and will look great for a long time just by vacuuming regularly 
2. It dries fast so deep steam/rug cleaning works great to release dirt from fiber 
3. If spills occur blot immediately 
4. Use rug/carpet cleaners that are safe on synthetic fibers 
5. For best results, deep cleaning is recommended once per year (or as needed)

We at Saraswatii Global Pvt Ltd. would recommend you to take care of your carpets periodically. In case you don’t have the required time, you can always hire professionals for the same purpose. Regular care & cleaning increases the carpets longevity & also its ornamental value.

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Makes saraswati a leading carpet brand

Saraswatii global has been one of the most popular & trusted carpet brands across the world for over last three decades & still continues to rule a million hearts. The more popular one becomes, the more difficult it becomes to maintain the quality & the brand name. A lot of effort goes into matching up with our customers’ expectations & creating the finest carpets that provide warmth & comfort to the world. A number of factors are involved in making Saraswati a leading name for design & comfort, some of which are:


At Saraswati we make sure to never compromise on the quality of the raw material used for creating our spectacular range of carpets. If you have ever purchased a rug/carpet from Saraswati you would know what the word quality means to us.


In the last 3 decades Saraswatii has spread its wings all over Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat & Orissa by establishing our carpet manufacturing units. Every single rug at Saraswati is crafted with utmost precision by our skilled artisans in an entirely in-house set up. Starting from the very first step of spinning the yarn to the end most finishing processes, every single manufacturing step is carried out under one roof, thereby giving us the full control over the quality of our carpets & rugs & helps eliminating additional expenses of a third party involvement.


Our innovative team of designers take inspirations from across the globe from different cultures, different regions, different forms of nature & after a brainstorming session of discussions create the brilliant designs that win accolades year after year. We try our best to create something according to everyone’s taste, something for every pair of eyes & every home.


Every home is different, so is every one’s aesthetic sense & as wisely said, your home is an extension of yourself; we give our customers the option to customize their own rug enabling them to be a part of the manufacturing process & giving their home a more personal touch. We, at Saraswati global let our customers choose their own design, shape, size, kind of material to be used, construction type & pay heed to every single detail mentioned by them. Once all details are received & understood we bring their ideas to life by crafting their dream rug.


At Saraswati we believe in the power of synergic growth & hence we encourage & uplift every single employee irrespective of the designation enabling them to give their best contribution. The management at Saraswati led by the chairman Mr Mahesh Choudhary leaves no stones unturned to provide for all the basic needs like family health care, schools & higher education opportunities & scholarships for aspiring young kids of the employees. We strongly believe that a happy employee is the most important key to success.

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Designing interiors with traditional hand-knotted rugs

We all want our homes to be cozy, comfortable & extremely impressive. One’s home is an extension of oneself & while designing the interiors of our home or professional space we put in our best effort to make our space welcoming for visitors. Rugs & carpets are an important element of interior designing. The aura of a room changes drastically with the type of carpet used.

Talking about the various types of carpets the market offers us; we have a long list like Hand-knotted carpets, hand tufted carpets hand-woven carpets, machine made carpets, modern rugs, transitional rugs, traditional rugs etc. Every type of carpet has its own charm & beauty but something that beats all other options hands down is the traditional hand-knotted rug. These rugs are the crème da le crème of all the rugs in terms of quality, finesse, design & texture nothing compares to the splendidness of a traditional hand-knotted rug.

The best thing about a hand knotted rug is that it always looks fabulous irrespective of the room where it is placed. A hand-knotted rug can single-handedly transform the look of any particular space. Here we share a few tips that would help you take your interior designing a notch higher with traditional hand knotted carpets.

Complement the hand-knotted rug with a contrasting Modern décor

A general myth regarding traditional rugs is that they blend only with a traditional décor, which is absolutely untrue. Traditional hand-knotted rugs blend with all kinds of décor rather the contrast effect created when a hand-knotted rug is placed in a modern interior is spell-binding. The traditional rug adds a rich & sophisticated touch to the otherwise bold & vibrant modern décor.

Avoid the usual floor, hang the traditional rug

The authentic hand-knotted rugs cost a fortune & are a priced possession for any owner. So if you have heavy traffic load at home & you want to save your rug from damage & still looking for means & ways to flaunt your masterpiece, just go & hang your treasured rug. The beauty of a hand-knotted rug increases manifolds when hung. A hand-knotted rug can be hung safely & with a professional finesse with help of a Velcro or a heavy casing or with help of heavy clamps.

Use hand-knotted rugs for layering

Rug layering has emerged as a hot trend these days. Layered rugs not only enhance the looks of a space but also provide comfort to one’s feet. Hand-knotted rugs are a great option for rug layering. You can layer a hand-knotted rug over a thin machine made the carpet or flat weave carpet to increase the visual delight. A hand-knotted rug can also be paired with an asymmetric hide rug for layering.

Buy from the best

Saraswatii Global being the leading suppliers of floor rug internationally provides its customers with the finest quality of rugs under every category. We understand the global style sense & aesthetic taste & design & craft our carpets with excellence to suit our buyers’ choice.

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Ideas to renovate home with hand tufted carpets

Renovation of one’s abode is always a great experience as you get the opportunity to re-do your interiors all over again. What if you don’t have the budget to renovate the entire home but still you wish to change the look of your interiors. Renovating your home with hand-tufted rugs gives you the opportunity to give a novel touch to your décor without burning a hole in your pocket.

Now you must be wondering when the present day market offers various options from reputed carpet suppliers in different categories of carpets, for instance, designer hand knotted carpets, traditional hand knotted carpets, the stylish & pocket-friendly machine made carpets etc. then why choose hand tufted carpets for renovating your homes? The answer is simple, hand-tufted rugs offer the owner style, class, comfort at a reasonable price giving you the chance to renovate your interiors every 7-10 years without stressing too much about the finances.

Here we bring to you the ideas that can help create an entirely new look of your home with help of the hand-tufted rugs:

Change the aura of any room by choosing the colors wisely

The colors have a great impact on the interiors of any room. Light shaded monochrome carpets give a calm & relaxing feel to the room whereas bright & multi-colored carpets make the room appear lively & warm. For instance, use a light green or blue colored carpet for the study room & see how easy it gets to concentrate & use a multi-colored tufted rug for your living room to make it more inviting & cozy for friends & visitors.

Layer the carpets for a warm & chic look

While renovating the home it isn’t necessary to change everything. If you already have a Persian carpet or a designer hand-knotted carpet try layering it with a different shaped hand tufted carpet creating an appealing contrast & adding to the style quotient of your home.

Give a larger look to your small rooms by choosing bigger & lighter shade carpets

All our homes have that one small room that we wish wasn’t too small. Though you can do nothing about the dimensions but can surely make the room appear bigger in size by using bigger & lighter shades of carpets. Light colored carpets give an airy & larger feel to any room.

Hand-tufted Ottomans add style to any living room

Hand-tufted Ottomans are solely capable of adding style & glamour to any living rooms. The ottomans with their chic look & comfortable feel are a great & extremely popular option for changing the look of a room.

Buy from the best Area rug suppliers

The market has plenty of carpet suppliers offering their products at lucrative prices which makes it difficult for the buyer to decide the authenticity of the seller & their products; therefore it is always advised to buy from a trusted name, like Saraswati Global Pvt Ltd. We have been the leading Area rug suppliers across the globe since last 3 decades. Our Awards & accolades is a testament to the supreme quality of our products. Don’t merely trust our words, browse through our wide collection & see the difference.

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A guide to select the perfect carpet for home décor

Nothing accentuates the aesthetics of a home like a carpet does. A well placed carpet binds all the décor elements of a room as one, creates a focal point, provides cushion & comfort & enhances the look of any room. The various varieties of rugs & carpets in the market make it difficult for a first time buyer to decide which carpet to buy. So, here we are to make your quest easy by sharing a few tips on choosing the perfect rug for your home.

Understand your needs: Before venturing out in the market to buy your rug, it is advisable to make a list of the things you want in your rug which includes the type of construction (hand woven/knotted/tufted or machine made area rugs etc.), the type of fibre (natural or synthetic), the texture (pile type & length) colour, size & shape. Once you have created this list it gets easier to choose your perfect rug or carpet.

Construction type: The market offers you a large number of rugs and carpets in various types of construction broadly divided in 2 i.e. hand-made & machine made. The hand-made rugs are always rated higher in terms of quality & strength. So if you are looking for an area rug that lasts you long & are also willing to spend some extra money then you must definitely go for hand-knotted rugs or hand-woven area rugs.

Carpet material: When it comes to carpet material, wool is the most durable & popular fibre & silk is the finest but being natural fibres wool & silk are expensive hence its use in a carpet increases the construction cost. A number of synthetic fibres such as nylon, polypropylene, viscose etc. are also available which are equally popular amongst carpet manufacturers & exporters & buyers too. The use of these fibres lowers the cost of the carpet & makes it available at a cheaper price. Carpets made of silk are luxurious & captivating. Woollen carpets are resistant to fire; dust & allergens & are highly durable whereas carpets made up synthetic fibres though are available at a pretty reasonable price but may trap allergens & can easily catch fire. So, before choosing rugs and carpets for your home weigh your options carefully & then buy the best.

Texture: The texture of a carpet is determined by the type (cut pile/plush pile, loop pile, patterned loop pile, cut & loop pile etc.) & length of a pile (low pile, high pile, zero pile). While choosing the type & length of pile keep in mind the presence of pets, kids & elders in your home. Though high pile carpets look marvellous but are equally difficult to clean.

Colour: Colours do play a great role in the overall look of any room. For instance, bright & bold colours give a cosy look to a room whereas light & pastel shades make a room appear bigger in size. Choose the colour such that it blends with the interiors of your room. Colour of a carpet may fade due to exposure to sun hence periodic rotation of rugs & carpets is very important & also one must avoid direct exposure to sunlight.

Rugs & carpets are an essential & expensive investment; it is something that one doesn’t buy frequently because when you spend so much money on something you surely don’t want to compromise on its quality & want it to last. Saraswatii global offers its buyers the finest collection of carpets & rugs in all different categories. Browse through our collections & you will find carpets for all your needs. Our carpets are manufactured in-house under stringent quality checks thereby guaranteeing that our buyers receive nothing but the best.

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