The Fascinating Journey of Rugs & Carpets

  • 2017-05-13
  • Saraswati Global
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You sure have seen me in the hallway of your home or maybe around your bed or table defining spaces, conveying sense of warmth and welcome, spreading beauty with my colors. I am essential part of your home’s decoration. I am rug.

Let me take you on a journey, a journey which will make you know about me, my evolution, my qualities and beauty.

Many centuries ago, shepherds begin knotting wool into heavy woven cloth and I came into existence. Over the centuries making me evolved from an art to fine art form. Before machines came into existence I was a fine piece of hand-made art. I was produced by turning wool into yarn, washing it, dyeing, hand knotting, finally shaving and leveling.

Machines came in and process got faster and cheaper. Even with the evolution of machines, the popularity of handmade rugs just didn’t fade away; instead it got its own unique place in society.

You can find me in many forms, from woolen to natural fiber to cotton and synthetic. I may come in different forms but there is one thing common and that is the expression I bring in the context of aesthetics and cultural sensibility while preserving ancient techniques.

Let’s have a little literature on my roots in different cultures:

Carpets from Egypt are fabricated with greater quantity as well as quality. Woven with wool Egypt carpets and rugs are tied with asymmetrical knots. Egyptian awe-inspiring hand woven carpets are famous all over the world.

Chinese carpets standout among the rest of the types of carpet of the world. Chinese carpet beauty can be seen in their flowers and geometric patterns.

Turkish carpets are inspired from their local culture. The carpet displays layouts with a repetition of simple or geometrical figures or symbols.

Indian carpets are overwhelming. They come in different patterns, styles and designs. Today the Indian carpet industry fascinates the world with its enthralling woven carpets which proudly beautify homes in India and in international front.

For centuries rugs have been companion for human beings and will be companion for humans in their future too.