Why To Choose Us


Saraswatii Global is India’s largest & most incredible rug manufacturer & exporter specialising in Hand-knotted rugs that complement both commercial & residential interiors. We are a time tested & trusted brand fulfilling customer expectations in design & quality since 1986.

Saraswatii Global has impeccable record of targeted product delivery since last 3 decades in the international market & hence we share a strong bond based on trust & quality with all our esteemed customers. We have earned immense trust & recognition as a premium rug house over the years due to our unmatched quality, originality, variant designs & commendable customer satisfaction. We are proud to be at the top in business ranking across the globe.Our skilled designers create uber designs at par with the international trends which are loved by our customers worldwide. We relentlessly spend time in understanding the requirement & liking of our customers to be able to create their rug in their own desired way. We love happy customers & for that we work passionately & dedicatedly in assuring guaranteed customer satisfaction. We are proud to be a part of many beautiful homes, villas, palaces & hotels across the globe.

Our global presence has been acknowledged by one & all. We have been consecutively winning accolades at trade shows around the world over a decade. We have been awarded with various export awards for our hassle free service, innovative designs & unmatchable product quality.


Every carpet created at Saraswatii Global is a masterpiece, crafted with utmost precision & passion. Each carpet has an equally unique story behind it. A story of passion, a story of commitment, a story of beautiful dreams weaved delicately to create an exquisite Rug. Every knot, every inch of these carpets has millions of dreams entwined with the yarn.

Saraswati Global is known internationally for its unparalleled creativity. Our skilled artisans turn our innovative designs into exclusive pieces of fine art.At Saraswatii no two designs are similar; our design team dedicatedly works on new creative ideas resulting in ingenious designs that we are renowned for. Our passion to create something new & distinctive is what keeps us ahead of our contemporaries & closer to our customers. With the sale of every single carpet, with the addition of another happy customer our passion is refuelled & reignited.

We at Saraswatii make classic ancient rugs. These carpets depict the ageless intricate patterns which are loved globally by people from different cultures, countries, racial groups and religious faiths. Known for their richly varied designs traditional carpets manufactured at Saraswatii are a perfect blend of finely honed skills of our talented artisans and of the delicate intricacy of the designs. Our ancient Oriental rug designs are inspired by the captivating designs adorning the floors of the heritage palaces and forts belonging to the mughal era. Our collection of antique persian rugs is acclaimed across the globe for its artistic craftsmanship, elegance and delicate softness.

These artistic pieces of elegance are created keeping in mind the rich taste of our elite customers. Our distinctive ancient rugs are adorning the floors of many luxury hotels in our country as well as abroad.Our creativity isn’t just limited to the ancient rugs; our modern & contemporary designs are equally popular amongst the new age generation.


We at Saraswatii introduce you to a whole new range of swanky decorative designs in carpets to dazzle up your homes. These in vogue carpet floorings for home decorations are especially crafted to give an urbane look to your modern homes. Inspired by the lively, bold, charismatic youth of today, these modish rugs are sure to inspire you. The designs created by blending bold & bright colors with the ageless pastels create a phenomenal piece of art which is Chic yet suave & adds on to the aesthetics of your abode.

Using rugs for decorating homes has been in practise since ages however with the passage of time people have started experimenting with more contemporary & chic designs to add a flamboyant look to their homes. We at saraswatii add that funk to your homes which is impossible to overlook.Our designers create these fashionable trendy designs which are irresistible & distinct with its vivid colours. Along with being eye-catchy & modern, we make sure not to compromise on the quality. The texture & the colour of the rug remains the same even after being in use for years.

These trendy designs are a reflection of our thoughts, at times classy & sophisticated, wild & abstract some other time, lost in the serenity of nature sometimes & sometimes ready to be bold & liberated.A right rug can transform the way a room looks, so pick up your perfect rug from our collection to enhance the aesthetics of your living space.


Be it a rug related enquiry, or a detailed description of how our customers want their rugs to be designed, we pay heed to every single detail. At Saraswatii Global, we are open to all kinds of suggestions coming from our customers. Our customer relation team is always ready to help you choose the perfect rug for your home. We patiently listen to you; to know your taste, your requirement & your preferences of material, shapes & size. We warmly welcome all the ideas given by our vast audience. Your ideas are our inspiration to create all our innovative designs.

Along with making business globally we also believe in making relations & that is impossible if we don’t understand you better. Other than suggestions & ideas we are also open to all kinds of complain (if any). Like any perfect relationship, we are determined to resolve your complaints (irrespective of however minute it might be) at the earliest.We listen carefully to understand you & your home better. We listen to you to be able to understand your taste in home décor & your aesthetic sense. We attentively listen to all the minute details you share with us. We listen to thoroughly understand our customer views & then only we are able to provide the finest quality rugs that suit your tastes & aesthetics of your home.

So come, talk to us & together we will create those magical rugs that will add charisma to your interiors & mesmerize your guests.


Starting from our spinning experts who spin the raw material into beautiful yarns to our creative development team we are divinely blessed with an immensely experienced & dedicated staff. Their vast & varied experience has been one of the major forces behind establishing Saraswatii global as an international sensation in Rug connoisseurs.The experience of our team is reflected in every piece of art that is created by Saraswatii. The fine detailing of designs done by our designing experts, the development of perfect shade of any given colour derived by our experienced developers, the perfect placements of knots to create an intricate pattern as per the given designs by our skilled & passionate artisans, the dedicated & undiverted attention given by staff while finishing the rug by highlighting the motifs to reveal the abrash look, or by creating the eye-catchy oxidised look, this all put together creates our distinct pieces of art which are a visual treat.

We at Saraswatii, work as one big team, without any demarcations between a director & a weaver. Everyone here is a master of his/her trade. We willingly help each other in doing what we do best, make ecstatic rugs that rule over millions of hearts & adorn the most lavish & posh homes, hotels & corporate houses all over the world.Our team of accomplished artisans proudly includes many artificers with over 25 years of experience & this experience shows in the finesse of their work. Our artisans spend several months all together (at times even more than a year) creating the beautiful hand knotted carpets, placing knot besides knot without a single mistake, crafting the elegant pieces of art that the world loves.

We don’t need famous designer names to gain business, our artisans don’t live in huge mansions in metro cities, they come from a simple background living in small villages but their craftsmanship has the knack to create such marvellous rugs that make the designer rug houses envy of us.

“Come visit our showrooms & know for yourself. Don’t just trust our words, see it to believe it.”

International Reputation

Saraswatii Global has outlets in India & Atlanta from where we ship our rugs all over the world. Majority of our customers are from United States & Europe but we happily ship our rugs to other continents too. The reputation of Saraswatii global as a trusted name for handmade rugs wasn’t created overnight; our founder & our dedicated team of employees have invested several years of hardwork & perseverance to carve this niche in the International market. Making rugs for people of different cultures, regions & different values isn’t a cakewalk. Being a global brand we need to cater for everyone’s need & liking. To achieve that a lot of time & labour is put in to understand & study the different cultures, its people & their preferences. Finally keeping all of it mind our designers create the marvellous designs that are admired & desired by everyone.

Global designing needs to be more versatile, more variant and available with an option of something for everyone & that’s how we work at Saraswatii. Every single design conveys a different story to different eyes. Some people are attracted by bold & bright colours while some prefer the nude & pastel shades, some like traditional, ornamental designs while some are attracted to the vivid modern look of the designs. To appease our reverent customers we explicate our collections periodically & create an upsurge in the patterns & designs. Our global presence has been acknowledged by one & all. We have been consecutively winning accolades at trade shows around the world over a decade. We have been awarded with various export awards for our hassle free service, innovative designs & unmatchable product quality.