A guide to select the perfect carpet for home decor

8 parameters to choose the best carpets for your interiors:

Carpets add warmth to your floors and are available in multiple colors, textures, designs and patterns. If you want to choose the best carpet for living room, it can be a Herculean task for you in case you are a first time buyer. The various varieties of rugs & carpets in the market might confuse you in choosing the perfect rug for your home. So here comes the 10 best tips to select the right full room carpet for your abode that shall warm your floors and add an enriching tinge to your lifestyle.

Evaluate your needs:

As you make up the mood to buy a carpet for living room, your first need is to evaluate and understand your needs. You need to decide if you want a handmade carpet or any else type of constriction, the type of fiber (whether it should be natural or synthetic), its texture (pile type or length), the color of the carpet which should go in accordance to the walls, interiors, size and shape. The clear brief on these points shall make it easy for you to select the carpet for your house. Also you need to be certain in terms of area for floor covering carpets.

Decide on your budget:

The next point is to decide on your budget as the carpets are available in two variants; handmade and machine-made. The handmade carpets are high in price as they are long lasting and high in quality. They can last for generations to come. On the other hand, machine made carpets have shorter life and hence is not as high priced as that of handmade. Hence, you need to have a well defined budget to make a clear choice between handmade and machine carpets. Also, you need to be decisive if you need carpets for living room or for any other area.

Choose the right carpet material:

Carpets are made of diverse materials including wool, silk, viscose, polyethylene etc. However, among all of these, wool promises the utmost durability while fiber & silk comes as the finest materials.

Further, wool and silk are expensive they being natural fiber. Hence their utilization in a carpet increases cost. Meanwhile, the use of a number of synthetic fibers including synthetic, polyethylene, viscose among other brig down the carpet construction cost and hence are popular among carpet manufacturers, exporters & buyers.

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Here you need to make a choice if you want luxury, fineness or else want to go with low priced carpets. In fact, carpets made of silk come as the most luxurious & captivating carpets. However, woolen carpets have another feature to resist fire, dust & allergens. Also, they are durable while carpets made of synthetic fibers are reasonable in cost. They have have two other features which are to trap allergens & can catch fire. So, look into all options in terms of materials available in market to choose carpets.

Also, you need to see if you want to have a full room carpet for living room or a bed room and then can choose the texture accordingly.

Select the texture to go in accordance with your room:

floor covering carpetstexture is determined by diverse factors, which include its cut pile/plush pile, its loop pile, cut & loop pile and patterned loop pile. The high pile carpets are difficult to clean and look marvellous on floor. Hence, before choosing the type and length of pile, you need to keep in mind if you have pets, kids & elders in your home.

Choose the right color:

Next in line is color selection. Colors have a strong role in carpet selection as the bright and bold colors make a room cozy while light and pastel shades make a room look bigger in size.

The other point to keep in mind during color selection to keep your room theme in mind. The color of the carpet should go with interiors of your room. Also, the other fact to remember is that carpet’s color gets fade due to exposure to sun and hence periodic rotation of rugs & carpets is a must. Also, for carpets for living room, go with the interiors and the select the colors.

Select wall-to-wall carpet which shall add continuity to your home:

Amid plentiful design options and a wide array of stark and appealing colors, textures, and patterns, select wall to wall carpet to bring in continuity to your room. It shall bring in cozy and inviting atmosphere to your home’s living spaces and shall appeal to our senses of sight and touch.

Floor covering carpet and full room carpet bring in warmth to the rooms redefining the beauty of interiors. Hence, ensure that carpets and rooms size go in right proportion to cover all parts of floor.

Raise questions to yourself before selecting a carpet:

Before making a final choice, ask a few questions to yourself. Question how you want to feel underfoot. If you want to have a warm or a fuzzy feel, then it should be wool, fur or a shaggy rug for you. If you want something that brings in the feel of natural fibre, then jute, cotton or coir is the choice for you.

If you want carpets for living room, they should be appealing and exquisite and these floor covering carpets should communicate stories of design with guests. ‘

Next raise a question to yourself that what will be the purpose your rug shall serve for you. Find out where it shall be spread; in children’s room, dining room, living room of near the bathroom. Depending on these questions, you can choose the right material. For example, for the kitchen or the children’s room, look for material that is stain-resistant and easily washable. On the other hand, a plush Persian might be apt for your living or study. Next think on its size. If you plan to add a carpet or a rug, make sure it’s not too small and it covers a considerable portion of your floor. Small rugs do nothing to your room other than throw the space out of proportion. Alternatively, if you have a large room, make sure your carpet is not too big or it’ll make your furniture seem small.

Decide where you want to place the carpet:

Next you need to decide where you want to place your carpet. If it’s spread on borders of the furniture, it can create a cohesive look. Ideally all four legs of your furniture should be within the carpet area but if you cannot afford to do that, make sure the two front legs are in the carpeted area, at least. If you are using a rug in your dining area, make sure there is enough carpet around the dining space even when the chairs are pulled out.

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If you are spreading it in your bedroom, you need to look into its size aspect. If you are using a smaller rug, let half of the rug go under the bed. This brings symmetry to the space. You could also use identical rugs on either side of the bed or choose a carpet that’s large enough to go under the bed and yet be visible. In fact the floor covering carpets size should be decided after measuring the wall, room etc where it shall be spread. The full room carpet definitely shall bring in grace to room when measured accurately.

Following all these points, you shall be able to make a right choice to buy your favourite carpet for living room as well as for other rooms and kitchen and office.

As buying carpets make an expensive investment which one doesn’t buy frequently, you should not surely compromise on its quality. Hence, go step by step while making a choice and consider all the above points.

The fact is that nothing accentuates an aesthetic of a home the way a carpet does. A well placed full room carpet has the capacity to bind all décor elements of a room which includes creating a focal point, providing cushion & comfort & enhancing the look of a room. Also, it’s again a truth that the various varieties of rugs & carpets make it difficult for a first time buyer to make its decision to but a right carpet. So, this was an attempt to make your quest easy by sharing a few tips on choosing the perfect rug for your home.So see if you have made any final choice after going through these sacrosanct points. Happy shopping…!

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