A guide to select the perfect carpet for home decor

Nothing accentuates the aesthetics of a home like a carpet does. A well placed carpet binds all the décor elements of a room as one, creates a focal point, provides cushion & comfort & enhances the look of any room. The various varieties of rugs & carpets in the market make it difficult for a first time buyer to decide which carpet to buy. So, here we are to make your quest easy by sharing a few tips on choosing the perfect rug for your home.

Understand your needs: Before venturing out in the market to buy your rug, it is advisable to make a list of the things you want in your rug which includes the type of construction (hand woven/knotted/tufted or machine made area rugs etc.), the type of fibre (natural or synthetic), the texture (pile type & length) colour, size & shape. Once you have created this list it gets easier to choose your perfect rug or carpet.

Construction type: The market offers you a large number of rugs and carpets in various types of construction broadly divided in 2 i.e. hand-made & machine made. The hand-made rugs are always rated higher in terms of quality & strength. So if you are looking for an area rug that lasts you long & are also willing to spend some extra money then you must definitely go for hand-knotted or hand-woven area rugs.

Carpet material: When it comes to carpet material, wool is the most durable & popular fibre & silk is the finest but being natural fibres wool & silk are expensive hence its use in a carpet increases the construction cost. A number of synthetic fibres such as synthetic, polyethylene, viscose etc. are also available which are equally popular amongst carpet manufacturers & exporters & buyers too. The use of these fibres lowers the cost of the carpet & makes it available at a cheaper price. Carpets made of silk are luxurious & captivating. Woollen carpets are resistant to fire; dust & allergens & are highly durable whereas carpets made up synthetic fibres though are available at a pretty reasonable price but may trap allergens & can easily catch fire. So, before choosing rugs and carpets for your home weigh your options carefully & then buy the best.

Texture: The texture of a carpet is determined by the type (cut pile/plush pile, loop pile, patterned loop pile, cut & loop pile etc.) & length of a pile (low pile, high pile, zero pile). While choosing the type & length of pile keep in mind the presence of pets, kids & elders in your home. Though high pile carpets look marvellous but are equally difficult to clean.

Colour: Colours do play a great role in the overall look of any room. For instance, bright & bold colours give a cosy look to a room whereas light & pastel shades make a room appear bigger in size. Choose the colour such that it blends with the interiors of your room. Colour of a carpet may fade due to exposure to sun hence periodic rotation of rugs & carpets is very important & also one must avoid direct exposure to sunlight.

Rugs & carpets are an essential & expensive investment; it is something that one doesn’t buy frequently because when you spend so much money on something you surely don’t want to compromise on its quality & want it to last. Saraswatii Global offers its buyers the finest collection of carpets & rugs in all different categories. Browse through our collections & you will find carpets for all your needs. Our carpets are manufactured in-house under stringent quality checks thereby guaranteeing that our buyers receive nothing but the best.

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