A glimpse into different rug categories

Rugs, bringing design stories to your living space, come in different categories namely hand-knotted, hand tufted and flat weave.

These three basic kinds of rugs are different not only in their names but also in their properties. nature and quality. The first time customer initially might get confused looking at rugs superficially, however, once getting into the right facts, he might be able to make the right choice and pick something which suits the needs of his living space. Here comes the detailed description of the three kinds of rugs.

This blog in fact comes as a guide to these customers and can help them know the basic difference between three categories of rugs so that he might not pick up the wrong rug which doesn’t go with the floors.

Hand Knotted Rugs:

These rugs make the most classy and refined categories which are being made by spending a lot of time, efforts and expertise. The proficient craftspeople adept in designing them by weaving knot by knot create beautiful design stories. The artisans take around a year to complete a rug depending on its design, size and use individual strands of fabric with their hands to produce beautiful designs which bring culture, luxury and beauty to your home.


In fact, this category of rugs are the cream category amongst all area rugs and carpets. They beauty of this rug comes with when a skilled weaver ties each single knot creating intricate patterns and exquisite designs.

The value of the rug is defined by the numbers of knots. As the knot count goes higher, so does the value of the rug. Various factors which determine the value of a hand-knotted rug include age, size, design and material. In fact, knot count per square inch (KSPI) is the largest determinants of value as it considers time being taken by artisans to wrap each knot and the amount of wool being consumed in the process.

Hand Tufted Rugs:

Going with its name, these types of rugs use hand tufted guns to punch the wool and yarn into a fabric while giving a backing to hide the glue which holds the rug. While this process is way faster than hand-knotted but, the rugs produced out of this method is not equally durable and refined as is hand knotted rug. Meanwhile the use of tufting gun in the process helps a rug take much lesser time to complete its making.

The tufting tool punching yarn into a fabric works on Lite-Brites pattern where a stencil canvas is stretched behind so the design only to be traced or punched into the rug. The tufting gun helps in setting a smooth speed in the process and eventually it requires a little skill to complete a tufted rug.


As the process of producing hand knotted rug is not that tough as that of hand- knotted rug, hand-tufted rug are available on a lower price than a hand-knotted rug. The simple reasons for it being low priced is it usually takes less time and skill to make it and therefore is less costly to produce. However, there is another point to remember that a hand-tufted rug will not last as long as the hand knotted rug.

The hand tufted rugs are generally made up of wool but now synthetic fibres like viscose, polyester etc are also used to produce hand tufted rugs. These rugs prove good in your home/office/hotel which remains heavily trafficked.

Flat Weave Rugs:

These rugs basically come in rich colours and intricate patterns and are known for their flexibility. Lacking the pile or a backing, they are quite light in nature. The other quality of these rugs is that they are reversible and are easily used from both sides.

Flat weave rugs being one amongst the oldest type of rug are created while using weaving technique which is quite simple and it yields a beautiful blend of intricate patterns which goes along with rich colors. In this category of rugs, threads are being woven on a loom to bring out colorful patterns.

These patterns go without the pile or backing which can be easily found on knotted or tufted rugs. As a result, flat weaves comes out in different forms which are lighter, flexible, and reversible in nature too as both sides of the rug follows the same pattern.


Flat weave rugs are available in different variations despite following the basic technique, adopting different patterns and styles in different regions around the world. A few such styles include Kilims, Dhurries and Navajo rugs.

These are a few styles which despite being different in some way, still display the same general weaving skill. Basically, a flat weave rug can provide a casual tone to your plush interiors but you can also find plenty of contemporary designs which have sleek and modern patterns coming in diverse colors that go along even in with the most sophisticated of interior designs. As they lack a pile, they use substantially less material, which make them lighter than other rugs. Further, as this quality of rugs lack backing, they’re much more flexible, and hence can be easily folded or rolled up. It comes as a real advantage while shifting the the house. This quality of rug is also durable as its rug tips aren’t being crushed and shall never develop flat areas or paths as is generally seen in loop pile or cut pile rugs. So even if you have a huge traffic in your house, this rug stands That’s ideal.

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