Designing interiors with traditional hand knotted rugs

When it is a matter of designing our house interiors we pay keen attention to intricate details and choose items that radiate class, elegance and our king of style. From the furniture, accent pieces to color co-ordinate light and heavy furnishings, we leave no stone unturned to get that picture perfect interior décor for our home. In this bigger picture, rugs and carpets with their beautiful motifs, colorful patterns and excellent craftsmanship, have the ability to add regal charm to your décor canvas. The present market has many varieties of rugs and carpets like woven carpets, hand tufted rugs, hand knotted carpets and modern machine made rugs but nothing can surpass the precious traditional hand knotted carpet, which is the Crème le Crème of all the rugs and carpets, in terms of its finesse, design, textured feel and splendid beauty.

So let us share some top notch décor tips to help you design interiors with traditional hand knotted rugs like a professional:

Choose traditional hand knotted carpets in the perfect size:

The biggest mistake you will make is if you pick an area rug that is too small or too big for a given space. So here comes as few tips to select the rugs in right proportion:

Dining area: Let all the legs of the table and chairs be placed comfortably on the carpet; and make sure the rug extends 35 inches beyond the edges of the table in order to give it space when chairs are pulled out. Traditional hand knotted rugs with mesmerizing border designs add more beauty to the décor of your dining area.

Bedroom area: Golden rule here is that all the legs of the bed, night stand and the bed bench should rest on the rug. For a graceful look, you should leave 18 to 24 inches of carpet space around the outer sides of the furniture. The most ideal rug size for a king or queen size bed with bed bench would be a 9*12 foot rug. And if your bedroom is asymmetrical in shape, then opting for runners on each side would be a great idea. No matter what the size of the floor area, you can always find a traditional hand knotted rug to grace it.

Living area: When your living area has a wide floor space, go for a 9*12 foot or larger area rug on which all furniture legs sit comfortably. Not all of us have huge areas, so for small spaces choose a carpet size that allows only the front legs of the furniture to rest on it. Carpets in 8*10 or 6*12 foot sizes would give the illusion of a bigger room and would uplift and bind the entire look in a very elegant.

Entryways and Hallways: As these areas have maximum footfalls in the house, it would be wise to leave all furniture legs off the rug.

“If measured with precision your traditional hand knotted rug will be a spectacular unifying element for the furniture and décor of the room.”

Choose traditional hand knotted rug in the right color pattern that compliments the room décor:

Colors add their own personality and feeling to the room and you can use this factor to mix, match and contrast colors to set a perfect mood for a given space, while making it pleasing for the eye. If the color and pattern of the rug enhances the whole ambience, your décor will go a notch higher in style and elegance. Neutral and cool color rugs have the ability to balance off dark furniture and brighten the room. You can add a vibrant feel with warm and dramatic colored rugs in tones of red, maroon and wine if your living room furniture is in white or pale color. It will surely add more spark to the room. Bedrooms look calm and soothing with monochrome and pastel color rugs and carpets.

Traditional hand knotted rugs look classy with contrasting modern décor:

Contrasting décor makes the room more interesting and classy. The good thing with traditional hand knotted rugs is that it perfectly blends with the modern décor giving you a chic and charming ambience. Modern accent décor pieces placed on side boards and tables, abstract and modern art paintings on walls and artistic lights all perfectly blend and compliment the traditional rugs.

Traditional hand knotted rugs looks good when layered:

Layering is a contemporary hot décor trend that is totally magical. Layering this precious rug over contrast colored machine made or flat weave carpet will do wonders to your home interior décor. Layering of rugs of contrasting colors gives a sophisticated appeal to the room making it more cheerful and welcoming for your friends and family. This marvelous contemporary look will get your guests talk stories about your fine taste.

Traditional hand knotted rugs look awesome on walls:

When your house is pretty but small, give it a regal look by hanging this rug on the wall. You can place sofa or accent chair and coffee table in front of it to complete this fantastic look.

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