Guide on How to Care Hand-Knotted Rugs

Guide on How to Care Hand-Knotted Rugs

Hand-Knotted Rugs can transform a space into a real sanctuary that speaks about beauty with silence. Rugs are unforgettable items used to decorate the rooms. Rugs enhance the beauty and decorum of any part of the home. When you invest in a high-quality rug you wish it to last forever. Blissfully, hand-knotted rugs are extremely durable. 

But few things you should keep in your mind to make your Hand-Knotted Rug last forever. Following are the guideline for special care of rugs:

Keep Your Rug Dry 

Keep the rugs away from excess moisture. That will help prevent mold, mildew, and dry rot, so keep in mind that your rug has the opportunity to dry completely when it gets wet. Try not to walk on it with a wet foot as it will absorb the moisture and lead to odor and dirtiness.

Vacuum or Sweep the Rug

You should vacuum your rugs weekly if you have pets then vacuum twice or thrice a week. Vacuuming on a regular basis keeps dust at bay and ensures a more allergen-free home. Your family and guests will find a cleaner surface to walk on and sit on. So, with the help of a vacuum, you can make your rugs last longer.

Don't vacuum the backside of the rug because a handmade rug is knotted and it will damage fibers. Be sure to use just the suction attachment, and if a rug is fragile or fine, consider sweeping it instead.

Use a rug pad if you have a hard-surface floor

The life of rugs can be extended by using rug pads. If you have a hard-surface floor then a rug pad is necessary. It will make the life of the rug longer. Rug pads hold the rug tightly so it helps in minimizing the wrinkles. Rug pads also prevent slipping accidents that can cause damage not only rug but to yourself and other furniture as well. 

 Rug pads make your carpet feel softer to walk on and protect your floor from scratches. 

Regular Rotation of Rug to avoid Uneven Fading 

Rotation of the rug is required in order to prevent fading of vibrant rugs from sunlight. Avoid direct sunlight on rugs. Many modern windows are specially designed to minimize the number of UV rays through the glasses. It helps in protecting the rugs from fading but does not eliminate the problem entirely. So regular rotation is the best option to protect rugs from uneven fading with time and enhance the life of rugs. 

Clean up Spills Immediately

We always keep trying to make our rug clean and clear but we cannot protect it from accidental spilling on rugs. In case, there is any spill of liquid or food item onto the rug then try to clean it as soon as possible. As it seeps into the rug when left. Blot up the excess liquid and wipe it deeply with a towel cloth.

Don't try to use any bleaching product as it can affect the rug's dyes and discoloration.

Make your Rug Professionally cleaned Every Two to Three Year

Our rug tolerates a lot as it lies on the floor permanently, so we always recommend cleaning it professionally every two to three years. Never dry or steam clean the rug as it leads to discoloration and bleeding of rugs.

Obviously, Hand-Knotted rugs are durable items. But many things are there to reduce its life. But we can make it long-lasting by following upper mentioned care instructions. So, these are some factors that will help you to make your rug long-lasting. Explore the wide collection of Hand-Knotted Rugs at