How A 5 by 7 Carpet Can Transform Your Living Rooms Mood?

How A 5 by 7 Carpet Can Transform Your Living Rooms Mood?

After dedicating several months to picking the perfect furniture and paint samples, looking at your new living room doesn’t seem fulfilling. The redesigning process can seem perfect when selecting the massive elements. However, the magic lies in the small tricks and pieces that come together and alter the feel of a space. 

Carpets are one such element that many often miss out on. Establishing an inviting and cozy ambiance and delivering underfoot comfort with visual appeal, carpets add a practical yet dramatic change in interior design. However, one consideration for your carpet is the size. A 5 by 7 carpet is a versatile décor element to beautify your living rooms.

What Are 5 by 7 Carpets?

When considering carpet sizes, a 5 by 7 forms the middle option. Several interior designers and homeowners love this size, given the flexibility it has to offer. While compact spaces can utilize these carpet sizes that are not too big for the area, these also draw the attention of your visitors when the living room offers enough space. Hence, you can incorporate a 5 by 7 carpet and play around with several styles and functionality. 

Reason Why 5x7 Carpets Are the Deal

It is astonishing how a carpet size can influence a space drastically. If you have an open floor plan, you require an element that helps create defined areas. A 5X7 carpet works perfectly well for this purpose. Additionally, balancing more extensive furnishings within a space, a carpet of 5x7 size can ensure the furniture is not dominating. 

Compared to smaller equivalents, a 5 by 7 carpet covers more flooring and ensures your living room feels cozier and inviting. 

5x7 Carpet Placement Ideas for Your Living Room

Purchasing a carpet would be in vain if you fail to find its perfect spot. Every piece you add to your living room must make a statement or serve a purpose. And every rug placement must add to the visual interest of your space. A 5x7 carpet size is a perfect character that adapts every layout and scheme of interior design. 

  1. Underline The Couch and Coffee Table Combo: A popular combination that is visible almost everywhere is placing your 5 by 7 carpet below the coffee table, which extends either under your couch or just enough to be in contact. The carpet is instrumental in connecting these furniture pieces and creates an ambiance that feels more intimate and cohesive.
  2. Anchor Your Décor Pieces: Living rooms with enlarged spaces or open concept can make the most of 5x7 carpet rugs that link your furnishings. The ideal way to do this is by placing the carpet in the center space and decorating your furnishings around it. Your living room's mood can instantly become more welcoming and defined in an open area.
  3. Place Before the Couch: Another popular placement seen almost everywhere is placing your carpet before the sofa while only its front legs cover the rug. This arrangement helps the viewer's eyes move seamlessly between the seating area and the floor. Besides offering a well-organized and clean look, it makes your living room appear bigger.
  4. Create A Focal Point: Carpets come in several shades and patterns. A vibrant color with eye-catching details can be the perfect masterpiece for your living room. Placing a 5 by 7 carpet in the center of your space can command the attention of your visitors without overwhelming them. It is perfect for monochromatic or minimalistic schemes where the rug can introduce a new color and pattern.

Consideration For Your Living Room

While size marks a significant consideration in purchasing a carpet piece, you must not miss out on other essential factors. These will ensure your carpet blends well with your style, maintenance needs, and durability requirements. 

Pattern, Color, And Design: What is your living room's current design or décor? This question should be crucial to find a carpet that binds all the design elements together. Minimalistic furnishing and décor can utilize bold colors or patterns to incorporate visual appeal. On the contrary, select a muted or neutral tone for a colorful room with multiple patterns. 

Furniture And Décor: Besides matching the décor in your room, the carpet's purpose is to elevate this overall feel. Consider the color scheme of your living space and select a carpet in complementary tones. Look out for style choices like a traditional carpet would appear odd with modern interiors.  

Carpet Material: Maintenance, texture, and durability rely on the carpet material. While faux wool or wool 5 by 7 carpet will offer durability with softness, synthetic fabrics deliver easy maintenance and stain resistance. Your lifestyle and living room traffic will help determine the ideal carpet.

5 By 7 Carpet Maintenance Tips

Carpets require maintenance to ensure longevity, like every other element in your house. Your 5 by 7 carpet demands adequate cleaning intervals and maintenance. 

Spot Cleaning: Avoiding accidental spills is impossible, especially when you have kids or pets at home. During such a situation, do not try to rub the spill. Instead, blot the stain using a neat, dry cloth to soak up the maximum liquid from the carpet. Keep a carpet-safe cleaner to remove stubborn stains. However, test the cleaning agent on the unnoticeable area before cleaning the stain to ensure it does not fade the carpet’s color. 

Consistent Vacuuming: Carpets are magnificent for elevating a space's ambiance. However, they can also gather dust or dirt quickly. Vacuuming the rug from time to time can ensure it stays clean. Vacuum carpet once every week for low-traffic living rooms. Conversely, high-traffic living rooms will need more frequent vacuuming. For maintaining the carpet fibers, avoid using the beater bar. 


A 5 by 7 carpet offers the ideal size, style, and flexibility to elevate the mood of your living room. Whether you have an open space layout or a tighter space, this size performs well in every space. From drawing your guest's attention to balancing out your décor, these carpet dimensions are ideal for your living rooms. Achieve your desire to transform your space with a 5x7 carpet size with style, material, comfort, and more.