How To Clean Wool Area Rug And Which Products Are Safest

How To Clean Wool Area Rug And Which Products Are Safest

Wool rugs are best known for their durability and longevity. It brings so much more to your home and lifestyle. As a renewable resource, 100% pure, natural wool remains the preferred choice for those who like to invest in their home décor. Wool Floor Rugs are the warmest, durable, and work beautifully with the interior of a home. 

These Rugs easily absorb dirt and dust. So whether you have a machine-woven wool Rug or wall-to-wall wool carpet, you should handle it with utmost care to protect your investment.

How To Clean A Wool Rug? 

  • Shake the dirt out  -It generally happens that a fine layer of dirt and grit settle on your Rug. To shake out that dirt, start by taking out the rug and the padding outside on a sunny, moderate day to give a good shake. Hang it over the sturdy clothesline, solid chairs, or a porch railing and beat it well using a Rug beater, or a broom all over to loosen deeply settled dirt following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Vacuum the Rug- Once all the dirt gets loosened, spread your Rug on the clean and dry floor or a deck with the backside up and vacuum it thoroughly. Start from the middle to the edges with care to avoid the fringe. Then turn it to the other side ad vacuum it as well.
  • Mix a Gentle Detergent Solution- With this finished, take a bucket full of cool water and add two tablespoons of wool-safe detergent to it. Avoid using laundry detergent or bleach, which may cause the color to bleed.
  • Lightly Scrub- Starting from one end, dip the sponge in detergent solution and pour onto the rug and scrub gently in small sections. Rinse out the sponge frequently as the soil can transfer from the Rug. Do not over-wet the Rug, as wool can easily absorb the detergent.
  • Rinse Away Suds- Rinse each section with a fresh sponge dipped in water immediately after scrubbing. Again avoid using too much water and make sure to use a clean sponge to avoid more dirt back to Rug. Then blot the cleaned area with a dry towel to absorb excess water.
  • Allow to Dry- Allow the Rug to dry completely so that moisture doesn’t get trapped over wool fiber. To speed up the drying time, hang the Rug and place it near a fan, it might take several hours to dry. As soon as it gets dry, place the Rug back to the Rug pad.

 Which Products To Use?

  • Vacuum
  • Broom
  • 2 buckets
  • Sponge
  • Old towels
  • Cool water
  • 1 to 2 tablespoons wool-wash detergent