How To Ensure The Longevity Of Rugs

Deciding which rug to buy is a time taking process. After a lot of research & comparison of quality, designs & price we finalize the perfect rug for our cozy den & then after investing so much of time & money what if the rug doesn’t last more than a couple of years… what if its colours fade away too soon? What if it gets infested with moths & insects? What if the perfect rug doesn’t stay perfect?

These are the possibilities that we all dread to face but can arise due to lack of proper care. So here we shall discuss the means & ways to ensure the longevity of our rugs.

Place a rug pad beneath your rug

The rug pad adds comfort & cushioning to the rug & in addition to these it also protects your rug & extends its life.

Due to the shifting of rug the backing goes through wear & tears thereby damaging the rug.

Inadequate ventilation on the back side of the rug leads to accumulation of moisture which causes mildew.

So if a rug pad is used the above problems can be avoided & the rug pad will also act as an added cushion for the rug & lessen the pressure on rug fibres thereby increasing its longevity.


Dirt can damage your rug in more than one ways, too much dirt on your rug can make it appear dull & dirty; the dirt also damages the rug by weakening the fibre as a result of abrasion caused by the dirt particles.

Periodic vacuuming removes the dirt particles keeping the rug clean & fresh as new.

One must vacuum the low traffic area twice a week & the heavy traffic area 4-5 times a week.


In case of a spill, blot dry the spot immediately, you can also use a solution made with liquid washing soap & water to clean the spot. In case of a tough or deep spot seek help from professional cleaners.


Furniture leaves their imprints on the rug if kept at one place for a long time, which leads to damaging of the rug fibres as a result of excessive pressure at a particular place. To avoid this furniture must be rotated periodically & its placing must be changed.


While vacuuming the rugs one must not forget the surface beneath it. At times dirt seeps onto the floor from the carpet at the time of vacuuming due to air pressure. This dirt must be carefully cleaned by vacuuming to avoid abrasion of the rug fibres due to friction between the rug & the floor surface.


To limit the entry of dust inside your homes either remove your shoes at the door step or use door mats at the entrance of every room, so that you can wipe your shoe sole at the mat to clean the adhering dirt off your shoe sole. This would minimise the amount of dirt landing on the rug thereby minimising the damage due to it.

By using all these means you can ensure that your carpets remain precious & beautiful for a longer period of time & retain its fine texture, colour & quality.

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