How To Ensure The Longevity Of Rugs

Choosing the right rug of right size for your lavish interiors comes as the Herculean task for the first time buyer and it therefore is a time taking process.

The customer needs to make a thorough research on quality, designs and price before finalising the perfect rug for his cozy space. As he invests a lot of time, money and energy in buying the right kind of rug for his house, there are possibilities that the rug might get damaged in terms of fading colour or if being attacked by moths and insects. These parameters might worry the customers while buying the rug and therefore, we are here bringing the perfect solutions to combat such worrying situations.

Here are a few tips to be followed to fight the challenge if the perfect rug fails to stay perfect over the years:

Always place a rug pad beneath your rug : A rug should always be supported with a rug pad to be put beneath your rug. This rug pad adds comfort and cushioning to the rug in addition to your rug which protects your rugs and extends its life. At times, due to the constant motion of the rug, it gets shifted through wear and tear which damages the rug. Further, the lack of proper ventilation on the back side of the rug leads to accumulation of moisture which causes mildew.

In all such challenges, the rug pad can be of immense helping hand. It can act as an added cushion for the rug thereby decreasing the rug friction and reducing the pressure on the rug fibres while increasing its longetivity.

Periodic vacuuming : The biggest threat to rugs and carpets come from dirt which can damage your rug in more than one ways. While too much dirt on your rug can make it appear dull & dirty; the small quantity of dirt can further damage the rug by weakening the fibre as a result of abrasion caused by the dirt particles.

The dirt challenges are well addressed by periodic vacuuming which helps in removing the dirt particles assuring us that the rug remains clean & fresh as new.

In order to keep the rug dust free, one should vacuum the low traffic area twice a week & the heavy traffic area 4-5 times a week.

Cleaning spots : The rugs should be blot dried immediately if there is any kind of spill. The other option recommended in this process is to use a solution made with liquid washing soap & water to clean the spot. In case of a tough or deep spot, professional cleaners’ help should be pitched in as it is dangerous to experiment our own ways and means on the rug.

Rotate furniture : The other crucial point to remember in this case if to keep rotating the furniture of the room so that there is no excessive pressure been built at one particular place. It’s a known fact that furniture leaves their imprints on the rug when been kept at one place for a long time. This continuous pressure being imposed on it damages the quality of the rug. Eventually, continue changing the place of furniture by rotating its position in the room so that there is no pressure been built at one place and rug fibres are not damaged.

Don’t forget the surface beneath the rug : The surface beneath the rug has a strong role to play in their longevity. Hence one needs to check at regular intervals that the dirt doesn’t seep into the rug from floor. This can be done while vacuuming the rugs and checking the surface beneath it as dust seeps onto the floor from the carpet at the time of vacuuming due to air pressure. This dirt must be carefully cleaned by vacuuming to avoid abrasion of the rug fibres due to friction between the rug & the floor surface.

Use doormats : It’s always a clever move to limit the entry of dust inside your homes by either removing your shoes at the doorstep or by using your door mats at the entrance of every room. This will prove beneficial as you can easily wipe your shoe sole at the mat to clean the adhering dirt off your shoe sole. Using doormats overall can minimise the amount of dirt landing on the rug thereby minimising the damage due to it.

Avoid direct sunlight : As direct sunlight is quite harmful to a handmade carpet, it should be avoided.

The direct sunlight has the potential to destroy the pile of carpet thereby converting a beautiful carpet into a faded carpet.Even experts have ensured that sunlight can be a real enemy of a handmade carpet and at times, can be more dangerous than moths.

In fact, sunlight coming through a window directly onto a rug is guaranteed to harm it. No matter if the carpet is naturally dyed or synthetically made, all types of rugs suffer equally. So best option is to avoid direct sunlight on rugs.

You can also compare the front side of your carpet to the back side from time to time and can feel the difference by observing that the front side of the carpet is more colourful than the back side but it loses its beauty day by day.

The best way to eliminate your problem is to keep the curtain closed and paint your window with dark color and get it double coated.

All these means and ways can surely enhance the life of your rugs which shall remain precious & beautiful for a longer period of time & retain its fine texture, colour & quality.

So happy shopping for a rug of your choice without getting worried of its age as you have the best tips to keep it protected for years to come.

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