Ideas to renovate home with hand tufted carpets

Renovation of one’s abode is always a great experience as you get the opportunity to re-do your interiors all over again. What if you don’t have the budget to renovate the entire home but still you wish to change the look of your interiors. Renovating your home with hand-tufted rugs gives you the opportunity to give a novel touch to your décor without burning a hole in your pocket.

Now you must be wondering when the present day market offers various options from reputed carpet suppliers in different categories of carpets, for instance, designer hand knotted carpets, traditional hand knotted carpets, the stylish & pocket-friendly machine made carpets etc. then why choose hand tufted carpets for renovating your homes? The answer is simple, hand-tufted rugs offer the owner style, class, comfort at a reasonable price giving you the chance to renovate your interiors every 7-10 years without stressing too much about the finances.

Here we bring to you the ideas that can help create an entirely new look of your home with help of the hand-tufted rugs:

Change the aura of any room by choosing the colors wisely

The colors have a great impact on the interiors of any room. Light shaded monochrome carpets give a calm & relaxing feel to the room whereas bright & multi-colored carpets make the room appear lively & warm. For instance, use a light green or blue colored carpet for the study room & see how easy it gets to concentrate & use a multi-colored tufted rug for your living room to make it more inviting & cozy for friends & visitors.

Layer the carpets for a warm & chic look

While renovating the home it isn’t necessary to change everything. If you already have a Persian carpet or a designer hand-knotted carpet try layering it with a different shaped hand tufted carpet creating an appealing contrast & adding to the style quotient of your home.

Give a larger look to your small rooms by choosing bigger & lighter shade carpets

All our homes have that one small room that we wish wasn’t too small. Though you can do nothing about the dimensions but can surely make the room appear bigger in size by using bigger & lighter shades of carpets. Light colored carpets give an airy & larger feel to any room.

Hand-tufted hassock add style to any living room

Hand-tufted hassock are solely capable of adding style to any living rooms. The hassock with their chic look & comfortable feel are a great & extremely popular option for changing the look of a room.

Buy from the best Area rug suppliers

The market has plenty of carpet suppliers offering their products at lucrative prices which makes it difficult for the buyer to decide the Worthy of belief of the seller & their products; therefore it is always advised to buy from a trusted name, like Saraswati Global Pvt Ltd. We have been the leading Area rug suppliers across the globe since last 3 decades. Our Awards & accolades is a testament to the supreme quality of our products. Don’t merely trust our words, browse through our wide collection & see the difference.

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