Manufacturing Process

At Saraswatii we believe in using nothing but the best raw material for our world-class carpets. The real wool is sheared off sheep in our scrutiny, and then it is processed & spun into yarns. The raw Wool/ silk fibers are spun into a yarn with help of charkhas & machines & the yarn then undergoes the dyeing process. The yarn is colored by batch dyeing process by soaking the yarn in the dyes for several hours with help of large machines. These dyed fibers are then dried completely. Once dried these strands are wrapped & sent for weaving.


Construction of the carpet basically varies with the kind of carpet, i.e. different construction techniques are involved in constructing a Hand knotted, hand tufted & machine made carpet.
A hand-knotted carpet is created by intricately tying more than thousands of knots one over the other. It is a long & tiring process. The minimum time required for creating a hand-knotted carpet is 3-4 months. Hand-knotted rugs are premium & a true visual treat; these rugs are exquisite & an investment for generations. There’s so much of labor & time involved in making these unique masterpieces which makes them pretty expensive.

Creation of Hand tufted carpets involves the use of a tufting gun by which strands of wool are punched into a canvas that is pre-stretched onto a frame. Once the pile is created, the rug is removed from the frame & the carpet is secured with a heavy duty lining at the back to prevent wear & tear. These rugs are beautiful to look at and are easy to construct, require less labor & time & hence are available at a much affordable price.

Machine made carpets are made by large machines called power looms. The Power looms are electrically automated and controlled by computers. One of the biggest benefits of Machine made carpets is that these can be made in less time. Machine made carpets are the low price alternative to hand-knotted rugs. A fine quality machine made wool rug if properly taken care of can last for a couple of decades.


In the finishing process, the carpet is rigorously washed with water & chemicals to remove all the dirt, the designs & motifs are highlighted by carving & trimming the pile. For finishing with a hand tufted carpet, a coating of latex is applied at the back to secure the carpet against any wear & tear. Shearing is a process where all the loose ends & projecting ends are sealed or tied to secure the carpet. This addition of a fringe is beautiful & also secures the carpet.

Finally, each carpet undergoes a strict quality inspection to overrule any manufacturing defects before it is perfectly rolled & wrapped to ship.

We at Saraswatii global are committed to delivering only the best in class product & hence we leave no stones unturned to ensure that the quality of our carpets remains Top grade

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