Selecting the Hand-Tufted Rugs for Living Room

Selecting the Hand-Tufted Rugs for Living Room

There are various things to decorate your living room to look more attractive and elegant but the best way to enhance the beauty of the living space is by spreading a Hand-Tufted rug on the floor. Hand-tufted rugs are made from the best material. Hand-tufted rugs are available in a variety of styles. These rugs are long-lasting and less expensive in comparison to other rugs. These hand-tufted cost-effective rugs are the best option to add beauty and warmth to the living room.

The most important thing about the hand-tufted rug is that they do not require any padding because their texture and comport is thick enough. Hand-tufted rugs are available in every size and pattern. Two hand-tufted rugs can't be the same even they are made of the same pattern, the USP of hand-tufted rugs. Choosing the best suitable hand-tufted rug for the living room is a great challenge. Following are a few tips towards the selection of hand-tufted rugs for the living room.

•          Size

Improper size selection is one of the biggest mistakes. A rug that is too small or too big in size always creates a blunder. Whatever is the size of your living room, you can find a hand-tufted rug in any shape and size. This is the best thing about hand-tufted rugs.  Always have the attention that there should be approximately 8-10 inches of bare floor around the sides of the rug.

•          Color and Pattern

Color and pattern must be in a way that enhances the charm of the living space. If the walls of the living room are colorful then the subtle hand-tufted rug is good to create balance. If the color of the walls is neutral then find the colorful hand-tufted rug for your living room.

If your living room wall and furniture are neutral then a patterned rug can be a good way to add interest to a living space. A solid and neutral color rug can be the best option for the patterned wall of the living room. A patterned rug is the better option for hiding the spills and dirt while on solid rug stains are clearly visible.

•          Texture

What type of hand-tufted rug we want in our living room is also an important part of the selection of rugs. The natural fiber wool rug is soft and durable. It is also dirt and stain-resistant. Silk is somewhat a luxurious material. It gives a rich and classy look to the living room. Silk has a soft, smooth, and sheen effect. Viscose is man-made artificial silk fiber. In a comparison of the wool hand-tufted rug, it is less durable. 

Selection of the best size, color, pattern, and texture of the hand-tufted rug will lead towards the enhancement of the beauty and attraction of your living room. So, take a step to make your living room more charm full. To know more information regarding Hand-Tufted rugs you can visit Saraswatii Global.