Traditional Transitional & Modern Carpets

The carpets have adorned our homes since many past centuries, equally alluring every generation with its charm. The patterns & designing styles have evolved with time. The traditional designs depict the pattern of designing carpets the transitional ones are a blend of both the past & present designing styles while the modern one is the present style of carpet designing. Though modern designs are the trend nowadays, still traditional & transitional carpets are equally admired & in demand.

Let’s discuss in detail these 3 types of carpets based on designing style:


As the name suggests these carpets are designed keeping in mind the Europian/Victorian persian & oriental designing patterns. The traditional carpets have very well defined patterns which have been in use over generations, thereby leaving hardly any scope for experimentation & change in the design. Though these designs are many centuries old but yet they exhibit sophistication. These rugs are statement of class & add a luxurious touch to any décor with the gorgeous & intricate patterns. Traditional carpets are generally formal but they very well blend with the modern & trendy Décor. The traditional carpet designs usually contain these specific elements like flowers, ferns & leafy patterns, well defined borders, a central medallion in shapes like diamonds, hexagons & polygons & all these in pre-defined colours like red, maroon, black, blue, brown, green etc.


Transitional carpets are a perfect blend of the ageless traditional & trendy Modern carpet designs; transitional carpets are a soulful union of the best of both resulting in an endearing mesmerising &suave creation.
The transitional designs have crafted a perfect balance between traditional & modern designs; these are gorgeous yet a little less formal, these have the Panache of the traditional patterns & the freshness & chic look of the modern patterns. Like for an instance these rugs might have a floral patterns or a medallion but without any defined boundaries or borders.


Modern carpets are generally created in vibrant bright colours with abstract, geometrical & assymetrical patterns. The modern designing is highly innovative & creative; these designs are a perfect fit for modern homes, trendy business houses, lobbies & halls. Modern rugs are more like a piece of art rather than just being a conventional rug. The modern rugs have a huge variety of designs & colour themes giving the designer an opportunity to experiment & also providing the buyer an enormous variety to choose from. The modern designs are loved equally by the young & old generations & these designs beautifully blend with any kind of décor.

Our skilled weavers at Saraswati Global create all these types of rugs in a completely in house manufacturing process. The beauty & value of these rugs is enhanced by the use of eco-friendy dyes to colour the yarns. We strive to create something for everyone’s taste hence we offer our customers a wide range of options to choose from. You will find the classy elegant antique rugs & also the unconventional & chic modern rugs.

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