Types of Carpet

Nowadays the market is flooded with various types of carpets that you can adorn your homes with. Some carpets are superior in quality, some are more durable, some have longevity and some are a visual treat. Saraswatii Global being a leading brand in Carpet Manufacture & export offers you the best quality carpets in different varieties. The quality of carpet is decided by factors like construction type, durability, strength, appearance and textures which depend on the kind of raw material used.

SGPL gives you an easy option to choose the perfect carpet for your interiors from a wide collection of different varieties of carpets to beautify your abode. Types of carpets vary on the basis of construction & the kind of yarn used.
Different types of carpets on the basis of construction:

Hand Knotted Carpet:
Hand knotted carpets are the Crème de la crème of the carpet world. It is a premium collection of rugs created by intricately woven fibers of finest quality wool & silk. Thousands of knots tied one over the other by our experienced weavers to create brilliant designs. Hand knotted rugs are an investment that turn into precious heirlooms with time.

Hand Tufted Carpet: Hand tufted carpets are made by punching strands of wool into a canvas that is stretched on a frame by using a hand conduct tufting gun. A hand tufted carpet enhances the interiors of any place at an affordable price. These are specially crafted to withstand heavy traffic. These rugs are stylish & robust creating a mesmerising effect on the onlookers.

Hand Woven Carpet: These are multi utility hand woven rugs also known as the flat weave rugs created by weaving wool through the warps strings. These carpets are reversible & have no pile. These are most favourable for places with heavy traffic.

Machine made Carpet: Machine made carpets are created by large machines called power looms. These are electrically automated and controlled by computers. Machine made carpets and rugs are made quickly. Machine made carpets are available in wide variety of colours & in numerous designs & patterns.

Different types of Carpets on the basis of yarn:

Woollen carpets: Wool is known for its strength and carpets made out of wool are mainly used in humid areas where moisture content in the air is always high as the woollen fibre absorbs a lot of moisture without getting damp. Due to its protein based chemical nature wool is dyed easily. The soft & natural feel of woollen carpets is unmatchable. Wool rugs & carpets are known for their durability & longevity.

Silk Carpets: Silk is a luxurious fibre. It adds sheen & soft silky feel to the carpet. Even though it is delicate & fine, it is exceptionally durable. The addition of silk fibre to woollen carpets makes it more attractive. Silk combined with wool adds on to the aesthetics of your interiors. Silk woven carpets are used in the dry regions of the world. Silk rugs require a lot of care. Silk being an expensive raw material increases the cost of carpet thereby making it costlier than the woollen carpets.

Jute Carpets: Jute is a sustainable natural fibre & it lasts for years with just regular vacuuming. Jute carpets come at a very reasonable price. Though jute carpets aren’t as attractive as silk carpets but these can be easily woven, twisted, braided and knitted to generate beautiful designs. Jute being a natural fibre absorbs a lot of moisture & gets deformed by it; hence these rugs shouldn’t be placed in humid and damp areas.

Synthetic Carpets: The market is flooded with various synthetic fibres like olefin, polyester and acrylic but the best synthetic fibre which is preferred for manufacturing carpets is polyamide product. The best suited carpets for outdoor purpose are the ones that are made with olefin fibres. Synthetic fibres aren’t much durable but the carpets made with these are beautiful, easy to maintain & well within your budget.

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