Why Hand-Woven Rugs Are The Perfect Choice Of Rug For An Office

Why Hand-Woven Rugs Are The Perfect Choice Of Rug For An Office

The first thought that comes to your mind, when you want to decorate the office, is to buy a rug. The rug will add beauty and warmth to your space. It is also true that there is a wide range of different rugs that you can buy. The quality and the elegant look of the rugs are the most important things when choosing a carpet. The first option that comes to mind is a hand-woven rug, the highest quality rug that can add a unique style to any room or office.

How To Identify The Right Quality Of The Hand Woven Rugs? 

Hand woven rugs are easy to distinguish qualitatively. KPSI is the aspect through which you know the quality of the rug.  The KPSI of the carpet means knots per square inch. Put simply, a higher KPSI indicates the higher quality rugs, while a lower KPSI indicates the lower quality rugs. The quality of the knotted rugs can be determined by the number of knots. An accomplished weaver ties each knot individually to create elaborate designs and patterns. Stencils are not used during the process of knotting the rug.

Other factors include fiber quality, washing, dyeing, etc

Types Of Knots Used In Hand Woven Rugs

Persian knots: Because they open on one side, they are asymmetrical, resulting in a smaller overall size and fewer gaps than other knots. The most typical applications of Persian knots are floral designs and intricate motifs. India, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tibet, and Iran are the regions where Persian knots are commonly used.

Turkish knots: Turkish knots are inherently symmetrical, on the back of the rug they appear as a double knot with each knot leaving two small bumps. Armenia, Turkey, Azerbaijan and northern Iran are some of the areas where knots are most common.

How To Take Care Of Your Hand-Woven Rugs

Like any other rug, Hand Woven rugs need to be turned regularly. Every few months rugs need rotation at 90 degrees on a regular basis to prolong the life of your beautiful patrimony. Sometimes the specific corner of the rug gets more traffic or sunlight, in this case, the rotation will assure that the rug wears uniformly at every corner.

Cleaning is also important for maintaining the quality of the rug.

To protect the floor and the rug, a rug pad is suggested.  A rug pad is recommended like any other rug to protect both the rug and the floor.

How To Decide On The Perfect Rug For The Office

While shopping for a new rug, choose a hand-woven rug large enough for your office. The office room will appear smaller and the furniture will look out of place if you choose a rug that is too small. Measure your room before going out for buying a new rug.  

Don't worry if you’re newly purchased hand-woven wool rugs come loose. Every handwoven rug sheds hair nevertheless it's quality. Before choosing a rug firstly decide if it fits your style or not. Embrace a rug that has a unique design and style and enhances your office room.