Hand-made rugs have the special personal touch of the artisans' hands & have their own specific beauty. There are a number of things that a buyer doesn't know about these rugs & hence is always confused regarding the details of hand-made rugs. To clarify all doubts we present a list of most frequently asked questions on hand made rugs along with the answers.


Yes, we ship worldwide.

India: Free Shipping

International: Duties & Taxes need to be paid by the customers to the shipping company at the time of delivery.


Payment Methods: Debit card, credit card, cash wallets, internet banking, and bank transfer.

For any other queries related payment:
Call us at: +91-8003293611
Mail us at: info@saraswatiglobal.com

India: Yes, we provide an EMI option for payments

International: No. At the moment, there is no EMI option available for international purchases.

Order Status & Delivery

Any modification or cancellation is only possible if the information is received before the order gets dispatched. Please get in touch with us for the same at +91-8003293611 or info@saraswatiglobal.com

To know the status of your order, you can contact us through below channels.

Mobile: +91-8003293611 (09:30 AM - 06:30 PM IST).
Email: info@saraswatiglobal.com
Web Chat: 09:30 AM till 06:30 PM IST

India: It will take 7-8 business days through regular transportation.
International: It will take 9-10 working days

Cleaning & Maintenance

We recommend a professional cleaning every 2-5 years in order to keep your rug looking and feeling great for many years.

It is important to rotate all of your area rugs frequently, particularly if they lay in high-traffic areas. As your family & guests walk over your rugs, they will begin to wear in the spots that get the most traffic. By rotating the rug, you ensure the entire rug wears evenly and the appearance is similar throughout.

Never pull on a snagged rug fiber. Instead, lift the fiber and clip it right at the source. If you're not sure what to do, contact us for assistance.

Be sure to clean your rug first, then roll it and wrap it in heavy-duty plastic with moth balls before sealing the whole thing with tape.

It is easy! A rug pad will make all the difference.

We recommend a rug pad, not only to provide additional cushion, but to protect the flooring beneath the rug from wear. Rug pads will also give your rug additional traction to prevent slipping, making your rug safer.


India:Each of our rugs goes through strict quality checks before it is dispatched. However, in case the rug is damaged in transit, we request you to share with us the pictures of the damaged part, as soon as you receive the rug, at info@saraswatiglobal.com along with your order ID. After receiving your email we will ensure resolution ASAP.

All items purchased online are eligible for up to 5 days hassle free return. For more details click here: https://www.saraswatiglobal.com/return-policy

Customized Rugs

Yes, we make customized rugs. The clients can share their requirements to our designers and we can create one as per your choice.

For customized rugs you can mail us @ info@saraswatiglobal.com


Yes, definitely. We have showrooms at the following locations:

India: Jaipur (Rajasthan), Delhi

Information about Rugs

Woven rugs are made using mechanical looms, with interwoven yarns that can form either a flat or raised pile. Machine-woven rugs are often made using synthetic fibers like nylon, and are more durable than hand-woven styles. In general, woven rugs are noted for their high quality and durability, making them an asset for years to come.

Tufted rugs are usually soft and plush, like shag. They are produced by hand or using a tufting gun, and are easier to produce than woven rugs. Fibers are pulled through the backing in loops, and a nonslip rubber backing is applied to lock the tufts in. This type of rug shows texture or pattern in varying pile areas, and last longer in low-traffic areas.

Printed rugs are sprayed with a combination of many colored dyes, set with steam and heat. They are generally more affordable, offering flexibility for those who wish to refresh their décor often to match changing trends.

Flat weave rugs are created on a loom using a process that is not as labor-intensive. They are typically made from wool or cotton, and their looped construction results in a flat, thin pile. This type of rug is reversible making it very a versatile piece to use with any design.

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