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Hand-made rugs have the special personal touch of the artisans’ hands & have their own specific beauty. There are a number of things that a buyer doesn’t know about these rugs & hence is always confused regarding the details of hand-made rugs. To clarify all doubts we present a list of most frequently asked questions on hand made rugs along with the answers.

How to identify a Hand-made rug?

One look at the back side of a rug is good enough to tell whether the rug is hand-made or machine-made. The warp & weft threads of a machine made carpet create a uniform grid like pattern on the reverse of the rug whereas in case of hand-made rugs the warp & weft thread create varied & non-uniform patterns. In hand made rugs the fringes are generally an extension of the warp threads whereas in machine made rugs the fringes are sewn on to the rug.

What is the difference between old, semi-antique & antique rugs & what is the age criterion for a rug to be called antique?

The old rugs are newer as compared to the antique rugs whereas semi-antique rugs are between old & antique rugs. Old rugs are generally lesser than 50 yrs of age, semi-antique is between 50-80 yrs of age & antique rugs are more than 80 yrs of age.

How much time does it take to make a hand-knotted carpet?

A medium sized rug of 5’X8’ dimensions may take around a year’s time to complete.

How to determine the value of my rug?

A number of factors are involved in determining the value of a rug, the major being

Knot count: The value of the rug is directly proportional to the KPSI (knots per square inch)

Intricacy of design: The more intricate the design, the higher is the rug’s value

Material used: Silk is the most expensive material used for making rugs & thus silk carpets are the costliest.

Age of the carpet: The more Antique a rug is, the more costly it becomes because of its rarity & high market demand.

Are rug pads really important?

The answer to it is a big Yes. A rug pad increases your rug’s life & also provides a safe & secure anchorage to the floor rugs.

Can Hand-made rugs be customised or can they be created in bespoke designs?

Yes Hand-made rugs can be customised as per the customer’s preference & can be created in bespoke designs too.

Why are Hand-knotted rugs so expensive?

The major percent of a hand knotted rug’s price is because of the time & labour spent in creating it. These rugs are created by tying millions of knots one over the other to create spectacular designs. It takes almost a year of an artisan’s life to create a simple medium sized hand knotted rug. The time & labour increases proportionally with the increasing size & intricacy of design. A machine made rug with the same material & design can be created in a matter of hours & at a much cheaper price, which means while buying a hand knotted rug it isn’t just the design & material that you pay for but also the priceless time, labour & the invaluable art of our weavers.

What is the difference between Oriental & Persian rugs?

There’s a stark difference between Oriental & Persian rugs. The first one being their country of Origin (which is quite evident in the name itself) & secondly the type of knot used to create these rugs. The Oriental rugs are created by tying the symmetrical or Ghiordes or Turkish knot which is a single secure knot whereas the Persian rugs are created by tying the Senneh or Persian knots, which enable the weaver to create a more precise & fine detailing in design.

Which material is better for rugs Natural or synthetic?

The natural fibres like Wool, Silk, cotton & Jute are anytime a better choice over Art silk, nylon, polypropylene etc. for making rugs especially for homes. The natural fibres are more resilient to dust & allergens as compared to their synthetic counterparts. The natural fibres are free from any harmful chemicals which may eventually cause health hazard for the owners

How to keep my rug clean for a longer time?

One of the most common myths regarding hand-made rugs is that these are high maintenance & require a lot of care, whereas in reality you can keep your rug as good as new by following these simple yet effective tips:

a. Vacuum periodically (avoid the use of beater brush)

b. In case of an accidental spill, blot immediately

c. Avoid sun fade by using blinds or curtains for windows

d. Always use rug pads

e. Rotate the rug for even distribution of traffic load

f. Get your rug cleaned professionally every 3-5 years

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