Founder & Chairman - Mr. Mahesh K. Choudhary

Mr M K Choudhary, the founder & chairman of Saraswatii Global Pvt Ltd is the visionary behind Saraswatii’s Success & Global dominance. With over 30 years of experience Mr. Choudhary is well versed with every aspect of Area rug production. Mr Choudhary is recognized as the first man to bring all the production pillars under a single roof, so that designers can collaborate with weavers and dyers to produce unique rugs of supreme quality.  Mr Choudhary is the driving force behind every new project of Saraswatii Global. His undying spirit & perseverance motivates one & all to put their best foot forward every time. He is the inspiration behind each accolade & award earned by Saraswatii. He has raised Saraswatii global from a small rug manufacturing company to this global icon which rules the International Rug world.  Mr Choudhary believes in leading by an example, his hard work & dedication towards work is exemplary. Mr Choudhary is a humble & down to earth person, he loves encouraging the weavers & other company staff. He believes in creating a better & happier world for his extended family (Saraswatii employees). He is a thorough gentleman & a true professional. Mr Choudhary is a great leader & wishes to take Saraswatii to higher levels. Read More...

Director - Mr. Raj Choudhary

Mr. Raj Choudhary, a business graduate, specialising in International Business Management from Georgia State University, joined as the Director of Saraswatii Global Pvt. Ltd. & AMER Rugs Inc. in September 2014, he is the only Son of our Founder, Mr M K Choudhary.   He efficiently heads all the services provided by AMER rugs in over 1000 retail, designer and E-commerce accounts with more than 5000 product lines.   Born on December 30th, 1991, he is 26 yrs old & at such a young age he has been taking all important strategic decisions regarding systems and company policies related to technology, administration, higher Level recruitments, and other work processes along with global Retail and Export, Sales and marketing of the company with utmost proficiency.  He has proven to be a true asset to the company in a very short span of time. His dedication & hard work has resulted in an exponential increase in turnover & better relations with customers.  Mr. Raj Choudhary is an outstanding example of perfection personified.  He is all set to be an Ace Entrepreneur with his Ability, Innovation & Originality. Mr Raj Choudhary has brought freshness to Saraswatii’s working environment. Young minds breed innovative ideas & Mr Choudhary has revolutionalised the work culture at Saraswatii thereby boosting the sales figures & increasing the numbers of happy customers.

Director - Ms. Preeti Amanan

Ms. Preeti Amanan, the elder daughter of Mr. Mahesh Choudhary the founder of Saraswatii Global is a designer by profession. She is an energetic & innovative entrepreneur who has always emphasized on increasing the technical knowledge of employees which in turn is a key reason behind the successful work of Saraswatii Global.   Ms. Amanan is involved in Saraswatii’s day-to-day work, as well as the design and color forecasting areas of the company. Ms. Amanan works with leading color houses around the world in order to create trendy & fashionable designs that are a trademark of Saraswatii.  Ms Amanan personally looks into the fine detailing of distinct patterns & designs being made by the design team. She is full of brilliant & enterprising ideas & under her guidance our design team works on creating those spectacular designs that appease everyone. Ms Amanan inspires everyone with her genius mind; she encourages unique ideas & works with the design team to bring the ideas to life. Ms Amanan maintains a very healthy relationship with all the employees; she is easily approachable & meets everyone with a friendly smile, thereby creating a positive work environment which results in better productivity.

Director - Mrs. Anupriya Choudhary

Dr (Mrs) Anupriya Choudhary, a doctor by profession earned her degree from the renowned Kasturba Gandhi medical college (Manipal university) specializing in aesthetic medicine at Dr Jamuna pai institute, Mumbai. She is married to Mr. Raj Choudhary & joined Saraswatii Global Pvt Ltd in November 2016 as a Director. She has quickly adapted to Saraswatii’s work culture & within a short span she has turned into an expert. She has a thorough knowledge about the entire production procedure & she keeps herself informed about every new development in the company. She looks after the overall development of the company, emphasizing mainly on e- marketing, new development and creativity. She is full of energy & life. She is a multi-tasker who loves challenges; she has brought a new splash of creativity with her positive & ingenious mind. The words impossible & difficult are nonexistent for her, she believes in achieving the unachievable. She has a calm & pleasing personality & has a knack of dealing with difficult situations with utmost ease. She is an added blessing to the Saraswatii family. With her on board we are sure to achieve new heights.