Saraswatii founder and chairman Mr. M. K. Choudhary is the man behind Saraswatii Global Private Limited’s success and vision. Mr. Choudhary possesses over 30 years of experience in nearly every facet of area rug production. When he started Saraswatii Global Pvt Ltd., very few rug companies existed in the market capable of meeting the growing demand for fine hand-knotted Indian rugs. Sourcing and production facilities were scattered, segregated, and had profound quality issues, resulting in poor public perception among the international rug-buying clientele. Mr. Choudhary is credited as the first man to bring all production pillars under single roof, so that designers can collaborate with weavers and dyers to produce unparalleled quality carpet. Interaction and collaboration between artisans proved to be the key component of producing the finest quality hand knotted rugs.

It was small at the beginning; a humble start in the Jaipur. But, under Mr. Choudhary’s capable leadership and vision, Saraswatii has grown to become the world leader in producing handmade area rugs. Today, Mr. Choudhary oversees production at factories in four states of India and Saraswatii Global is the number one exporter of hand-knotted rugs from India.

A story of a Goal of a man who never lost faith in it and never wavered from persuading it.


Saraswatii Global Private Limited., India's largest manufacturer of hand knotted rugs, has earned many appreciations in international arena, including “Star Export House” and reward from the Indian Government for its contribution towards making Indian carpets recognized worldwide.Read More...