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Useful tips to buy online rugs

From past few decades, a new category of home décor has entered the mix- rugs. There are multiple brands who sell directly to customers, they sell everything from vintage rugs to customized carpets which can enhance the beauty of the customer’s living space.

Buying fashion products might be simple but navigating the new world of these online hand- made carpets can be tricky and hard. There are multiple questions that would strike your mind while buying a rug online Is the rug good in quality? Whether the rug is durable or not? Are the prices higher?

Finding a perfect rug is not enough as a challenging task buying rugs online could be more puzzling and complicated. Here are few tips that will help you get the perfect area rug online in a decent budget which is well suited to your room and the home interior.

Measure the floor space: Get the right measurement

While buying a carpet or rug, it is extremely essential to take adequate measurements. To have a perfect hand-woven carpet, one should measure the room or the space where the rug will be placed. There are multiple sizes that are available in one design, so it becomes hard to get the perfect rug that fits well in your room. For this, you must get the exact size so that the living place doesn’t seems awkward due to the unmatched size of carpet.

The size of the rug also depends upon the placement of the furniture. In case, if you don’t want to pace any furniture on the carpet, then a large size carpet would work well but take care that it does not hide the flooring. And in case, if you thought of placing a small section of the furniture on the rug then the carpet should be a little wider in comparison with the furniture.

Selecting a Shape that suits your need

When you decide upon the size of the carpet, it is also important to check which shape of carpet will match the décor and would enhance the look of your space. The shape completely depends upon your space, furniture, and architecture of the room. For this, have a detailed analysis of what type of furniture you want to position in that room where the rug would be placed.

Choose Material according to the room traffic

The most significant thing that needs utmost attention while purchasing a rug online is the material. The best way to select the material is to understand the traffic of that room. If the room will experience heavy traffic, then you should choose a carpet made of wool. If the traffic would be low, then you can opt a silk carpet as these carpets are exclusive in nature and are expensive too. While the deciding factor is the interior, then a contemporary rug would mingle well with the modern interior such as rugs of abstract design, boho vibe, and striped pattern. Also you can go for a traditional hand-knotted rug for timeless appeal.

Selection of online website to buy rugs

While looking for a premium rug online or a perfect carpet for a living room, it might be difficult for you to select the website that can assist you as per your needs. For this, you can check the history of the company i.e. how old and authentic it is and the reviews. You can find information on their respective websites of the companies selling rugs and carpets online. By visiting these websites, you can also get to know about the existing discounts and offers available. In India one of the most authentic and genuine website for purchasing all type of rugs and ordering customized rugs.