Saraswatii Global’s story is that of perseverance, dedication & firm belief in one’s potential & Vision. A wise man once said that ‘ there are no straight lines: keep your faith and persevere ‘. Maybe the wise man was laying foundation for our journey by uttering these profound words of wisdom. Our journey started off with a common man’s Vision to establish a business that not only makes profit but inspires & uplifts the lives it touches. It has been a long journey spread over 3 decades & today we can proudly say that we are on the right path.

  • 1978

    1978, Churu, Rajasthan

    Mr. M K Choudhary got attracted towards the carpet weaving business & started his job by establishing a small business house in Churu & got involved in weaving carpets. He learnt about all the nuances of carpet manufacturing & was inspired to take this business on a global platform. He was extremely humbled to see the hard work of artisans & wanted to create a better life for them

  • 1985

    1985, Dharampur, Gujarat

    With benevolence for the tribals filled in his heart Mr M.K Choudhary established a production plant for hand knotted rugs at Dharampur, Gujarat to provide employment for the tribals. Though it wasn’t easy to win over their hearts & trust but Mr Choudhary was determined & finally the tribals recognised his genuine intentions & joined him in the revolution.

  • 1986

    1986, Jaipur, Rajasthan

    Mr .M.K Choudhary laid the foundation of Saraswatii global Pvt ltd with just 2 looms, with a vision to succeed in the business of carpet manufacturing & to create a better & dignified future for the workers & Artisans. He started the company with his mother’s maiden name, Saraswatii, naming it “Saraswatii Exports.

  • 1994

    Year 1994 To 1997

    Mr Choudhary was filled with the aspiration to establish Saraswatii as a leading Export house & he wholeheartedly started working to accomplish it. With passage of time more & more people started identifying with his vision & the strength of Saraswati increased manifolds. The very first laurel came to saraswatii in the form of “Hand Knotted Woolen Carpet Highest Export for the year 1993-1994”. 1994-1997 : Saraswatii Exports slayed its competitors by getting” Gold Trophy Certificate for export Performance” for 4 consecutive years.

  • 1996

    1996, Jaipur

    To increase the export & trading of rugs Mr Choudhary created a subsidiary to Saraswatii, naming it Amer Rugs with a handful of employees (which has gradually grown its roots as a leading trading house & more than 10000 employees)

  • 1999

    1999, Jaipur,Rajasthan

    In the year 1999 another feather was added to Saraswatii’s cap in the form of, “Federation of Indian Export Organisation’s Certificate of Excellence.

  • 2004

    Year 2004

    Another achievement by saraswati was being awarded “Highest Export Performance”

  • 2007

    5th Jan 2007

    After 29 yrs of achievements Saraswatii Exports was renamed Saraswatii Global Pvt Ltd to mark its growing Global popularity.

  • 2008

    Year 2008

    Saraswatii Global proved its worth again by bagging three awards in a single year; State award For Export Excellence, Certificate of Merit & the award for Third Highest Export Performance.

  • 2009

    Year 2009

    Saraswatii Global established the fact that Hardwork is the only key to success by outshining every other competitor at the “Indian Carpet Expo”

  • 2010

    2010, Amer Rugs

    In the year 2010 Mr Choudhary’s daughter & son in law Monika & Tanuj joined AMER & took the responsibility of Establishing it as a premier Rug house both Nationally & Internationally. Over the last 7 years the strength of Amer has grown exponentially.

  • 2012

    Year 2012 To 2014

    Saraswatii Global’s design team worked enthusiastically to create spectacular & unique designs which earned worldwide praises & envy by winning “Carpet Design Award” for three consecutive years at Domotex, Germany

  • 2012

    2012, Saraswatii Foundation

    Saraswatii Global foundation was created with a vision to create dignified livelihood opportunities for the deprived rural section of our country. As our founder believes, “The pillars of a successful business are the people who work at the grass root level & the only way to succeed is by treating them well & by giving them the right environment to grow.” Our foundation works for the betterment & upliftment of rural community by providing Education, Empowerment, Independence & basic healthcare facilities to all.

  • 2016

    Year 2016

    Over the years the team at Saraswatii has believed in constant hardwork & the result was seen by all when we won the “America’s Magnificient Carpets Award.

  • NOW

    Persistent Desire To Succeed

    Through undying efforts & persistent desire to succeed over the years Saraswatii Global Pvt Ltd has established itself as India’s leading Handmade Rugs Manufacturer. One of the biggest advantages that we have over our Competitors is that every aspect of production (from collection of Raw material to processing & spinning, from weaving to finishing) is under one roof, making it easier for us to ensure the rugs our customers receive are of Ace quality. We also have a state of the art testing lab with the latest technology for testing yarn strength, colour, and dye quality. Wool testing also covers TPI, oil percentage, and CSP. During each stage of production, products are checked regularly by experts to ensure quality at every level.