Life At SGPL

Besides customer satisfaction, employee wellbeing is one of the prime concerns of Saraswatii Global Private Limited. As one of India's largest manufacturers of hand-made rugs, SGPL has been clearly driven by the mandate of providing a sustainable source of employment to the talented weavers in India. Here is a glimpse of the life of employees at Saraswati Global.


Treating their workplace as the major platform for showcasing their talent and promoting an amicable work environment, both the employees and employers are always willing to go that extra mile to forge memorable (working and personal) bonds, cherished forever. SGPL, in short, functions as an extended family where both master and apprentice collaborate in a shared community of learning and collective knowledge.


There is a reason why SGPL stands as India’s premier rug design house. Among a team of 22 cutting-edge designers, it is here the rug and carpet finishes are rendered after hours of constructive discussions. The exchange of innovative is the norm here with designers treating it as an opportunity to polish their own skills and scale customer requirements as well.


The SGPL family takes great pride in the fact that the firm has been able to inform Sthe future of area rug fashion after garnering acclaim on the international stage. Each and every SGPL team member remains equally inspired to sustain this hard-earned reward.


SGPL has in-house sourcing, dyeing, spinning, weaving, finishing and lab testing facilities. This kind of infrastructure is offered to ensure that our employees are able to work in the most pollution-free and eco-friendly environment possible.