Benefits You Should Know About Wool Area Rug

Benefits You Should Know About Wool Area Rug

When considering a new carpet for your home, wool is the most commonly used natural fiber for Rugs and carpets. Wool rugs are indeed been known for their long-lasting comfort than most other types of Rugs. Buying a handmade wool rug over a regular one is worth it, as it will likely be a lot more unique. As a great addition to the home, they can be used to bring life and vibrant color to any corner of your house.

To help you decide whether a wool area rug is the right choice for your home, here are the benefits you need to know about- 

  • Durability and Flexibility- Durable, reliable, elastic, and excellent resilience are the qualities that make Wool's most popular and luxurious fiber. Wool possesses the highest degree of a natural crimp in the threads, just like a coil spring which helps it withstand heavy pressure and footfall. Hence, wool carpets are known for their good and appearance, and durability.
  • Warm, cozy, cool, and comfy- With the gold standard for insulation, Wool Rugs help to keep your room warm in winter and cool in summer. Its unique chemical structure means they regulate the humidity in your home with its natural ability. Wool particle absorbs the moisture from the air when the atmosphere is damp and releases it back in the air when the atmosphere becomes dry. This air absorption provides improved air quality and creates an even more comfortable home environment.
  • Colorful- Wool area Rug comes in a beautiful array with a splash of colors and patterns. It can serve a more vivid color to your floor than other natural fibers. Dark or rich color Area Rug defines a more intimate space while in a lighter color, make a smaller space seem larger.
  • Sustainable- Made with pure and natural Wool fibers, artisan-made Wool Area Rugs comes under sustainable and eco-friendly products. Produced from goats and sheep, Wool is completely renewable and helps protect from cold in winters.
  • Multiple areas for usage- Wool Area Rugs are the high traffic area material that can be used at several places like living room, kitchen, bedroom, etc. the places where it is avoidable are bathroom and outdoor. More exposure to sunlight can fade off the cool dye of the Wool Rugs. 
  • Flame Resistant- Wool is naturally flame resistant. They have an exceptionally low level of flammability and are the best choice for creating a safe indoor environment. Also, the heat of combustion and rate of heat release is low. As a natural flame retardant, Wool Rugs are highly preferred for kid’s rooms. If you have a fire room, a custom-shaped area rug is good to keep near the fire.

Overall Wool Area Rugs are a great choice for every home. It is an excellent insulator of temperature, it is recyclable, biodegradable, and has a superior long term appearance due to the natural fiber present in it. Made of 100% wool, it is soft, comfortable with no mothproofing, stain protection, and fire retardants, since it is directly made of wool, there are no harsh dyes added. 

Consider Wool Rugs for all its wonderful benefits