Saraswati Global Private Limited offers a one-year limited warranty on its Rugs. This warranty covers material and manufacturing defects that prevent the rug from giving satisfactory service for the warranty period. The warranty excludes damage caused by normal or extraordinary wear and tear, commercial use, improper maintenance, or factors not inherent in the rug at the time of purchase. The Authenticity of Material and Manufacturing Defect will first administered by the Authorized Saraswati Global Executive. The Company will replace, repair, refund, or give credit for the price of the area rug if a manufacturer's defect develops during the warranty period.

Warranty Limitations- Defects Not Covered by Warranty

Saraswati Global repair or replacement warranty does not cover the inherent characteristics of the product, including those described below.

  • The warranty is only applicable to products used in indoor environments, maintained at normal temperature and humidity.
  • It is crucial to note that we don't cover harm caused by misuse or accidents, such as staining, soiling, burning, flooding, cutting, or spilling; harm caused by pets; or harm caused by improper cleaning procedures and materials.
  • We do not cover Rugs/Carpets positioned on stairs or ramp entrances that are highly trafficked at the same time.
  • Area rugs might alter in colour due to external elements such as spills of household chemicals, non-food and non-beverage substances, and other non-food and non-beverage substances.
  • Differences in color and texture from sample products may not be covered.
  • We are not responsible for shading or pile pressure that may affect pile fabrics as a consequence of differing weights and pedestrian traffic on or above the rug surface during use.
  • We are not responsible for harm caused by the failure to use protective chair covers when using roller coasters.