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Saraswati Rugs: Art & Tradition

"A tradition of quality and craftsmanship"

Saraswati Global Rugs are made with the finest craftsmanship, using the finest raw materials. We pride ourselves on the rigorous detail and quality of every rug we make. The design, materials and craftsmanship of our rugs are all held to the highest standard.

Sheep Shearing In Rug Making

Sheep Shearing

At Saraswati, we have the privilege of sourcing wool from various sources, including New Zealand and Australia. While New Zealand sheep are known for their wool's softness, Australian sheep produce finer, stronger wool that produces a softer touch. From our shearing floors to our finished rugs, we want you to feel the difference wool makes in every carpet.

Carding & Spinning

Spinning is the process of preparing woolen yarn by using a spinning wheel. Carding is the process in which fibers are separated by combing, using carding brushes or carding rollers. The carded wool is spun into yarn.

Carding & Spinning In Rug Making
Design & Process In Rug Making

Design Process

Designing is the most important aspect of carpet making. The motifs can be found in small areas or as an overall repeat. The style and origin of the carpet can be identified by its size, color, and pattern.


Our hand-pulled wooden frames are used to hold the yarns and dip the yarns in dye pots. The dyed yarn is then hung to dry in the sun and dried for hours. Our rugs are dyed in over 800 different patterns.

Dyeing In Rug Making
yarn drying process In Rug Making

Yarn Drying Process

The yarns at Saraswati Global Rugs have been dyed in over 3000 colors. The dyed yarn is dried in the traditional way under the sun to keep the beautiful hues intact.


The weavers use simple tools to weave wool into rug. They use a knife with a hook, scissors, and a comb to beat the knots and weft them together. The weavers use a rug map to make the designs. Raw Materials and life-sized graphs of Design are sent to the weavers at various weaving centres

weaving In Rug Making
washig process In Rug Making


The final washing brings out the natural sheen and enhances the underlying knots, making the carpets strong and sturdy. For washing carpets, clean water is poured over them and a wooden plank with flat edges is used to forcibly remove all the dust.


Our high-low carving process creates intricate, multi-layered edges that give our rugs their distinctive look. This is followed by hand shearing of the rug to remove all the uneven fibres, so it can be properly shaped.

Gultarash In Rug Making

Now, the finished rugs are inspected for quality and then packed and
ready to be delivered to your space

final rugs In Rug Making