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Rugs in Delhi

Where Delhi is a vibrant city full of diverse colors, Rugs are the threads that weave together its culture and history. Delhi, being the treasure trove of heritage, is also the city whose essence comes to life when the artisans exhibit their creativity over the textiles. And, in Delhi's kaleidoscopic world, Saraswati Global has all the lights to be the leading brand of Rugs.

Imagine your home radiating all the love and warmth of those masterful hands! Saraswati Global is the brand aimed at transforming and uplifting lifestyles, making Rugs a part of living. We offer super exotic Rugs online in Delhi and in the city's store, curated by our rich artisans, who exhibit their true craftsmanship to adorn your space.Drawing on centuries of innovation and tradition, Saraswati Global is where each Rug narrates its own story,giving your home a lively feel. After being in the industry for years, our art pieces have become the voice of Delhi's Rug market, embracing the true colours of elegance.

We, at Saraswati Global, believe in adding a rustic charm to your home through the finest quality Rugs. Crafted differently with unique styles, patterns, colours, and textures, we help you explore premium-quality Rugs in Delhi. Saraswati Global, here, offers timeless pieces and a blend of tradition and modernity to make you choose the best for your home!

Rugs Online in Delhi at an Affordable Cost

Looking to buy Rugs online in Delhi? Saraswati Global boasts an extensive range of Rugs for every space of your house. From adorning the focal point of the living room to incorporating it into the sides of your bed, you can have affordable choices with us.

We believe in revamping your house with stunning pieces that are timeless creations. Hence, our masterminds curate Rugs with intricate detailing, making them stand out as the epitome of luxury and craftsmanship. From traditional patterns to modern styles, our pieces are catered to today's design industry's demand. Emphasizing comfort, convenience, and quality, our crafters have made pieces highly durable using luxurious fiber material and have put in their whole hearts to turn your dreams into a reality. To complement the interior of your house, we offer highly versatile designs that are worth the price of Rugs online in Delhi. Elevate your space and make the Rug a part of your living style! Buy Rugs in Delhi with Saraswati Global.

Rugs online in Delhi

Buy Rugs Online in Delhi with the Best Deals and Offers

How about getting what you love for your living space at a special offer and deal? Yes, Saraswati Global's extensive range of Rugs gives you a chance to get mind-blowing offers and deals that are no less than a visual retreat for you.

Shopping Rugs have become increasingly popular to bring comfort and luxury to your living space. Whether it is for any occasion or designing purposes, Saraswati Global is the renowned hub in the industry, offering stylish Rugs in Delhi. With your every purchase, we offer you a special price for every piece. And the best part is getting it in bulk or through consistent shopping. You can all leverage the exclusivity of the ranges, making buying Rugs in Delhi the best decision with Saraswati Global. To get the best deals, explore the range of Rugs online in Delhi.

Buy Rugs Online in Delhi Buy Rugs Online in Delhi
Rug store in Delhi

What You Will Explore at Our Rug Store in Delhi

Are you searching for the perfect Rug store in Delhi? Saraswati Global is a paradise of Rugs that has its own definition of love and design. It is where experienced artisans curate handwoven and contemporary Rug collections to add beauty to your home. They wholeheartedly craft mesmerizing pieces that also ensure their premium quality. It is a one-stop solution where you can explore every type of Rug decorated with vibrant colours, splendid patterns, and alluring textures. It is a historical visit where you can delve into the process, right from the production to the inception of the carpets. The store is beautifully designed to showcase exquisite Rug pieces from all the categories in different styles and sizes. The best part is that the architecture and interior of the store totally compliment the products, making them shine as bright as stars. Visiting the Saraswati Global Rug store in Delhi is no less than a luxurious retreat where you can get lost in the handmade beauties, soothing your eyes and satisfying your souls.

Known for the most captivating collection of Rugs, we deal in hand-woven, hand-knotted, hand-tufted, flat-weave, and modern Rugs. No matter what colour, design, or pattern seems fascinating to

you for your space, you can have the best choices from the wide range of rigs at Saraswati Global. Moreover, our team works efficiently to help you pick the one that fulfills your requirements and preferences. Their collective effect at our store for Rugs in Delhi makes it effortless for you to make the right decision. The entire team greets you and takes you to every nook and corner of the store, unfolding a variety of Rugs and displaying their exclusivity. Prioritising your decision, they hear you and help you choose the best for your place to make it your happy place.

With a commitment to high-quality service at the store, Saraswati Global offers a seamless shopping experience at 1st Floor, Khasra No. 426, Opp. Pillar No. 132, MG Road, Ghitorni, Delhi 110030.

Hand-woven Rugs

Saraswati Global presents the most traditional gem of the hand-woven Rug collection on a vertical loom. Hand-woven Rugs have no fringes or secured ends. Meticulously crafted, this type of Rug is a true depiction of what tradition holds.

Hand-tufted Rugs

Hand-tufted Rugs are designed using hand-tufted guns to punch the wool and yarn into the fabric. Locking is done to hide the glue from the back, creating beautiful Rug pieces.

Flat-weave Rugs

Designed in rich colours, patterns, and textures, flat weave Rugs are highly versatile and flexible, as they can be used from both sides. Our collection of flat-weave Rugs is the most popular due to its variations in styles, turning your living space into a focal point.

Unmatched Elegance

Add unmatched elegance to any place with our designer Rugs that exude luxury. The textures, patterns, design, and style make it all eye-catching and alluring.

Hand-knotted Rugs

The classiest and finest category, hand-knotted Rugs are designed with the utmost preciousness, effort, and expertise. Every piece is curated by skilled artisans who weave different stories knot by knot.

Elevate Your Home Decor with Designer Rugs in Delhi

Home, your comfort zone needs a makeover too! The world of designing and home decor is evolving and elevating experiences everywhere. From the vibrant colour palette of walls to the functionally aesthetic elements, home decor decides the overall ambiance of your house. The Rug is one of the most impactful and captivating elements that is often overlooked.

Saraswati Global, the famous Rug store in Delhi, is turning heads with its super-elegant Rug designs, which are more than a functional element. Our Rugs can transform any space, adding style and comfort with a touch of luxury. Delve into the range of breathtaking pieces by exploring Rugs online in Delhi while you relax at home!

Texture and Comfort

Along with adding spark, our Rugs feel luxurious underfoot too. Made with high-quality material and meticulous detailing, with an extra layer of comfort and softness, our Rugs are a warm retreat.

Cultural Diversity

Our Rugs exude the cultural diversity of Delhi. Inspired by cultures, traditions, and heritage, these pieces are the incredible motifs that add much to the interiors of your home, locking every eye.


Handcrafted things have their own uniqueness. And, in this world of interior design, a handcrafted Rug plays a crucial role in creating a vibe and an environment for your house, either hanging on the wall or on the floor.

Statement Pieces

Rugs are known as statement pieces that draw attention and transform spaces like magic. A well-chosen Rug image with other elements turns out to be the unsung heroes in designing your space.

So, why wait? Get a perfect Rug from the Rug store in Delhi and create magic in your home, or find our Rugs online in Delhi. Let's make them wonder!

Why Choose Saraswati Global for Rugs in Delhi

We, at Saraswati Global, are the industry leader in the world of Rugs in Delhi. Setting high benchmarks, we have served thousands and lakhs of houses, adorning their lifestyles. And here are the compelling reasons that propel you to choose us for the best quality Rugs in Delhi.

Heritage and Craftsmanship

Heritage and Craftsmanship

With decades of experience, Saraswati Global has a rich heritage of Rug weaving culture and is a highly popular textile brand. The dedication to crafting exquisite, handcrafted pieces is truly impressive.

Team of Experienced Artists

Team of Experienced Artists

Saraswati Global has a team of highly skilled artisans who have been weaving stories for a long time. Every artist and their art pieces bring unparalleled beauty, infusing passion with love.

Diverse Selection

Diverse Selection

From traditional to contemporary designs, made for different occasions, Saraswati Global boasts a diverse range of stylish yet timeless Rugs. The extensive collection of Rugs in Delhi caters to unique tastes and preferences and is all eye-catching!

Quality Material

Quality Material

Every piece is made of fine and luxury fabric material, ensuring the durability and longevity of Rugs. The material is chosen meticulously and crafted into beautiful Rugs, which stand as a testament to excellence and craftsmanship.

Online Convenience

Online Convenience

With a wide online presence, you can now find our Rugs online in Delhi from the comfort and convenience of your home. From exploring a wide range to ordering the best, everything is at your fingertips with Saraswati Global.

Frequently Asked Questions

Saraswati Global's Rugs store in Delhi boasts an extensive range of Rugs of every type and category, including hand-woven rugs, hand-tufted rugs, hand-knotted rugs, and flat-weave rugs. The store is where you can have a lively experience touching and feeling each piece made with love.

Yes, rugs are designed to be portable and can be moved from one place to another. Whereas carpets are generally for wide floors covering edge to edge and are fixed in place.

Some of the popular types of Rugs Saraswati Global offers are hand-woven, hand-tufted, hand-knotted, and flat-weave Rugs.

To choose the right Rug for your home, follow these steps:

  • Know the size of your space and the theme of your interiors.
  • Ensure the material of the Rug.
  • Pick the right style, design, and colour.
  • Know its maintenance and cleaning steps.

Yes, you can buy Rugs online in Delhi from Saraswati Global.