Choose the Right Floor Area Rug for your Home

Choose the Right Floor Area Rug for your Home

A rug can be counted as an interior powerful design tool. They act as artwork for the floor. They simply provide a complementary to the other decor. If you want to add some color and texture to your home then a rug is the perfect solution that. With one simple step with the rug, you can switch your room from classic to contemporary. There are several key considerations for choosing the right floor area rug for your home:

Rug Styles 

There is a number of styles for rugs available in the market according to your taste, choice, and preferences. Choosing the right style of rug can give your home a modern, classic, bold, and contemporary look. 

Before selecting a rug style, think about what kind of atmosphere you want to create in your home to make it more attractive. One more important thing to remember is that an area rug doesn't require to match everything in a room, but it should work with the color, texture, and contrast of the existing furnishing.  

Rug Color

Color plays an important role whether it's about walls, ceilings, furniture, or other parts of our home. Color can be the first natural starting point for selecting an area rug. It could start with your favorite color or colors with which you would like to live. Obviously, the area rug color will set the tone of an entire room of the home. Always consider how different colors will work with the existing furniture of your room. What type of effect you want to create is completely goes with the rug color.

Rug Size

An appropriate area rug size plays a vital role in the interior of the home. A rug that is too small or too big in size always creates a blunder. Improper rug size is one of the common decorating mistakes. Make sure that the rug must be in the center of the room and about 10-20 inches bare floor between the edges of the wall and the rugs on all four sizes.

Rug Patterns

A pattern of any rug has its own importance that contributes a lot towards the contribution of the decorum of home. If your walls are solid colored then the patterned rug is a more suitable item and if your walls are patterned then solid colored rugs are the best option.

It's all about the factor of balance. If you want to highlight the walls and the furniture then a subtle area rug is good, if you want to highlight the area rug then choose the eye-catching one.


Lifestyle is the main determining factor in choosing the ultimate area rug. A patterned flat weave rug is worth considering when you will have to deal with a lot of wear and tear. This type of rug is going to be easier to maintain and keep clean. A high pile and white rug are not going to be the best choice when you have children and pets. A softer rug with a higher pile is the best choice when you want to create a sense of luxury.


Right placement of the area rug is another key factor towards the right choice. An area rug is always placed differently according to the room type. Every room type like bedroom dining, room living, the room has different dimensions and pattern so the rug should be.

So, all these are the factors that will lead to choosing the right floor area rug. A little bit of experiment with style, color, size, and pattern enhance the beauty and attraction of the room. The choice among the area rugs could give you unique and surprising results.

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