Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

The main purpose of choosing a rug is to elevate the room/ living space by adding comfort to it or making it look luxurious. But choosing a carpet is not an easy task, it requires one to do a lot of research,  and not only research but it does cost a lot.  And imagine after doing a lot of hard work you purchase a rug that doesn’t last long due to some common not known random mistakes made at the time of cleaning.

No one wants to be in this situation, right? that’s why below are some tips that will help you avoid common carpet cleaning mistakes.

1) Relying On Someone Else Advice.

In every home, there is one person who thinks he holds more knowledge than everyone else and would even recommend you to follow his tips on the various domain of topics, like how to clean a rug, and would even site some online website or youtube channels to validate his knowledge but trust us this DIY advice given by friends, family, or random youtube channels are not worth testing on your precious rug.

2) Untreated Spill For Long

The spill is inevitable and whatever you use to stop it from happening, will fail, but here is what you can do to prevent it from destroying your rug, first use some soft cloth to wipe the mark so that it doesn’t go too deep into the carpet. And for solid particles like food particles or some dust particle try to remove them as soon as possible so that it doesn't go deep inside the rug.

3) Carpet Deodorizer

Deodorizers may look like a lucrative option in the short run but they are extremely corrosive in long run, they can even damage your rug. Instead using streamers is the best way to remove odor or stains from the carpet.

4) Over Scrubbing

Doing extra scrubbing in order to remove the unwanted stain from the carpets is not the correct way to remove stains as it can damage the carpet. Instead, blot the liquid stain using a clean cloth.

5) Vacuuming Too Frequently

Vacuuming the rug is important but vacuuming it too frequently can backfire and can cause the fiber of the carpet to fade out, and color too, that’s why vacuuming it too frequently is really a bad way instead the right way is that one should vacuum the carpet twice a week or once a week.

6) Not Using Professional Cleaning Experts' Services.

There are professional carpet cleaners who hold expertise in cleaning the rug, but many people restrain themselves from using professional expert services, they should use their services as they are paid because they hold special knowledge, that everyone does not have. And That’s why using professional carpet cleaners is the smart choice.

Carpets do cost a lot of money that’s why properly cleaning them becomes a necessary task.  And the above-shared points would really be beneficial if followed properly. Hope the above point helps and now don’t forget to keep these points in mind while cleaning your favorite rug