Complete Guide For How To Maintain Your Rug

Complete Guide For How To Maintain Your Rug

Rugs made the perfect look for your home. They protect from unwanted dirt and stain. A well-maintained rug enhances the look of the rug. If you properly take care of the rug then you can use the same rug for years. Your care for the rug totally depends upon the fabric and the solution you used to clean it. Here are some tips that make a clean or shining appearance on the rug.

Vacuuming Cleaning

The most important or easiest way to maintain the rug is to vacuum the rug frequently. Vacuum the rug once a week so that you can keep the dust away or if there are high traffic areas then it should be vacuumed twice a week. If the rug is not frequently vacuumed then the rug contains deep dust and it becomes difficult to clean. It is advisable to use a vacuum frequently instead of a rotary brush to avoid damage to the rug. A vacuum is important not just to remove the dirt but also to remove grit and other items near the base of the rug. It’s better to vacuum each area of the rug multiple times.

Stain Cleaning

It’s natural to get a liquid spill in a home but many people have a fear that if liquid spills on their rug then it leaves a stain. First of all, you have to work frequently before it leaves a stain. The longer you wait it will be harder to clean and the rug soak the spill. It is advisable not to scrub or rub to remove the stain. You can also use cleaning agents to remove the stain from the rug. Cleaning agents act differently and they will not ruin your rug. While purchasing a cleaning product for the rug then the first test on the corner to make sure that it will not create a large problem than the original spill.

Consider Washable Rugs

It is best to consider washable rugs that can be easily washed. It also reduces your worries because it regularly is cleaned through a machine. It's the easiest way to keep your always clean. But make sure not to put the rug in sunlight for a long time and if you’re putting the rug in the sunlight to dry the rug then make sure to timely rotate the rug because due to sunlight the patterns of the rug will fade out. You can easily maintain the washable rugs and you will also not be tensed about the stain or spot on the rug because it does not take much time to clean.

Deep Cleaning

Every rug needs a deep cleaning. When the rug is put under the high traffic area then it’s important to timely deep clean the rug because that rug contains more amount of dust. Otherwise set up a schedule to timely vacuum your rug. You can also steam clean the large area rugs. Roll the steam cleaner on the rug surface and you will notice that it cleans the rug itself. The steam cleaner also dries the rug as well.

These are some tips that you can easily maintain your rug for decades and make a good-looking rug for your home.