How to choose the right Rug for the Right Place?

How to choose the right Rug for the Right Place?

There are thousands of varieties of rugs to choose from when you are planning to buy a rug. Rugs vary in patterns, art style, and colors. The most overlooked rug should be considered while buying a rug. Some of the factors that you need to keep in mind before buying a rug are selecting the proper space for the rug, size of the rug, design, selection of rug according to color combination. 

Factors to be considered while choosing the right Rug for the right place:

  • Selection of Proper Space for Your Rug - Nowadays it is very important to place things in the right places. In such cases, rugs need to be placed at an appropriate place because eye-catching rugs can make a huge difference in the interior of any room. Your living room isn't complete without a rug but with a vast variety of rugs, it is difficult to choose one out of the lot.

If your room is big and luxurious then you can place the rug in the middle of the room. This will give a unique and beautiful look to your room. Rug size depends on the place where you are planning to put it on the floor. You can place the very small size rugs after the doorsteps of the commonplaces like the living room, bedroom, and kitchen.

  • Choose the Right Size- A few inches can make a huge difference if you are properly placing the right sized rug at a place it will pull the room together but if you had not placed the right size rug then it will make it feel disjoint in the room.

We should consider some factors before buying a rug like material, color, pattern, and size. It is been prefer for small spaces, and small rooms enclosed by the walls and doorways, that a single large rug will be the best choice. Another option is to use layer rugs on top of each other we can place such small decorative rugs on the different seating areas. 

If you are having a large enough room and want all your basic items of home (i.e. accent chairs, coffee table, sofa, etc.) on the rug then make sure you give yourself around 8 inches from the edge of the furniture to the edge of the rug. Before considering the right size of your rug you should first consider the right size of your room. For example, if you are planning to buy a rug for your living room then you must buy a rug that is large in size and all the furniture can rest on the rug. 


  • Select the Color Combination- Colors show the aura of a space to a large extent. Rugs are the perfect decorative item that you can add to your space. Rugs give an appealing look to the respective room where it is placed.

You should choose the right color that suits your space as well as your personality to become crucial in setting p a living room. If you choose the right colored rug for your space it will not only complement but also highlight the personality of your house. 


  • Select the Design - You need to keep in mind the design you choose for your room. For example, if you want to cover the floor then you must choose a design that catches your eye. However, if you are already having decor in place, you will have to choose a light design that will complement the current style in the room. If you decide to buy a patterned rug, then there are many choices available, one of them is the contemporary designs that will make your interior more traditional.