How to Take Care of Your Hand-Tufted Rug.

How to Take Care of Your Hand-Tufted Rug.

You might think buying a rug is the most difficult part, but wait until you have to clean it up. There is no doubt that choosing a perfect rug for a home is a difficult task. But the task that is actually tiring is cleaning it up. That’s why it is of utmost importance that one should take due care of their rug. Not only so that it looks brand new but also so that it will last for a long time.

Below Are the Following Ways That Will Help You Take Care Of Your Hand-Tufted Rug

Seek Professional Help If Needed

There will come multiple situations when the rug will get stained, and you will have the urge to clean the rug yourself as it will save a lot of money and maybe a little bit of time too. But the real smartness lies in seeking professional help, as cleaning on your own can even damage the rug and in case it gets damaged then it will be of no use.

Use a Rug a Pad

Using a rug pad is really a nice way to protect your rug, in case you want the rug to last for a long time, and it also does prevent the rug from sliding away with a little bit of momentum. Rug pads are especially important if in your house there are young-aged children or old-aged people living. As there is a high risk that they can slip from the rug. That’s why it is said rug pads do offer mental peace too.

Regular Vacuuming is Needed

If you are someone in whose house guests/ relatives regularly storm in then this piece of advice is really for you.  Vacuuming is really great way to keep your rug net and clean as it takes away all the dust that gets on the rug.

Don’t Keep The Rug in The Same Place For a Longer Period Of Time

It is advised that one should not keep the rug in the same place for a longer period of time as it spoils the rug, and in order to prevent the rug from spilling away, it is recommended that one regularly move the rug.

Steam Cleaning is Not An Option

Steam cleaning is not an option for a hand-tufted rug, as steam cleaning can affect the dye of the product.  And it can make the rug look old and faded out. Also, it takes quite some time to make dry the rug; therefore steaming is not preferred in case you have an immediate event to be hosted in your house.

Pay Extra Attention to Spills and Stains

Little stains and spills can affect your hand-tufted rug, especially if you have younger children and regular guests coming into your home, and as soon as the rug gets.

These are some tips that you can use to keep your hand-tufted rug brand new all the time. As purchasing a rug requires a hefty investment both in terms of time and money, following these tips can help you save the time and money invested in purchasing the rug by making sure that the rug last for a long time.