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Hand knotted Rugs

Hand-knotted rugs are created through laborious manual processes that have been a long- standing tradition. It is challenging, requires undivided focus, and produces one-of-a-kind rugs that can only be created by people who are experts in this art tradition. At Saraswati Global, the magnificent artistry of Indian hand-knotted rugs is brought to life in designs that are both traditional and contemporary. Both traditional rugs that are very intricate and creative as well as contemporary rugs that are ideal for a comprehensive global aesthetic are included in our assortment of hand-knotted area carpets.

For an instantly luxuriant appearance and comfortable barefoot feel, minimal traffic to high traffic rooms both are ideal for hand-knotted rugs from Saraswati Global. Any house is transformed into a wonderful, comfortable shelter by our assortment of hand-knotted rugs, woven to perfection by our skilled artisans.

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Designer Hand knotted Rugs - Saraswati Global

The most elegant and sophisticated categories of rugs are manufactured by our hand-knotted rugs, which require a significant amount of effort, and skill to create. The skilled artisans are excellent at crafting them by weaving each knot individually and coming up with lovely design narratives. Depending on the pattern and size, the artists take around a year to finish a rug. Saraswati Global has raised the standard of craftsmanship in the rug manufacturing sector by building on a long history of exquisite patterns, technological advancements, and cultural traditions.

The quantity of knots in these rugs determines their quality; the smoother the rug, the more knots there are per square inch. Saraswati Global's hand-knotted rugs frequently include pretty designs and delicate workmanship. The manufacturers ensure to employ the best weaving materials because they need too much time and expertise.

The fundamental element that forms the basis for a rug of exceptional quality is the calibre of the wool that is utilized. A work of art should be loved when all the components—workmanship, pattern, and quantity of twist together.

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Handmade Rugs Showroom India Best Handmade Rugs Showroom India
Handmade Rugs Showroom in India

Hand knotted Rugs - Transform Any Room into Luxurious

Hand-knotted rugs are genuine pieces of art. These wool or silk carpets made by us will provide beauty and a stunning appearance to your home, so you can be glad to have them in your estate. The process of tying each knot could have taken an expert weaver almost a year. Some of the significant benefits of using this kind of rug are described here.

The strongest rugs you can own are those that are hand-knotted. They don't degrade like machine-made rugs because they don't include glue or chemicals. In a hand-knotted rug, each piece of wool or silk is tied with its knot after being looped around a neighbouring one. These rugs may endure decades of constant use and still look just as nice as the day you first took them home.

When it comes to picking out a rug to adorn the home or place of business, different customers have different needs. Saraswati Global can make a stunning rug for every single client, regardless of whether they are the owner of residential space or any other kind of organization.

The fibres, which have been demonstrated to be durable for decades, are the secret to creating amazing hand-knotted rugs. These fibres keep the knots together, resulting in increased strength and a secure floor for the kids.

Our hand-knotted rugs are all distinctive in their own ways. Every rug bears a unique weaver-specific trait. The artistic designs of the weaver are reflected in it. Real works of art and hand-knotted rugs are exquisitely crafted to create eye-catching touchstones in your house.

Exploring Different Types of Hand-Knotted rugs

In addition to being magnificent, hand-knotted rugs are also quite reasonably priced. Additionally, even after years of use, these rugs maintain their attractiveness. Hand-knotted rugs, made by us are what you need if you want a strong, long-lasting floor covering that won't lose its colour over time. According to the various styles of hand-knotted rugs, the thickness of the wool and the number of plies in the yarn formed from it vary.

a. Flat-woven rugs:No knots or framework are used in this weaving. Both vertical and horizontal threads are used to weave designs in flat-woven rugs. Their durability is increased by the fact that these rugs are used on both sides.

b. Piled rugs:To create the design on the pile rugs, specific knots of wool yarn are wrapped around a base. These rugs made by Saraswati Global, are known for their velvety surface, which is created by a dense pile of yarn that has been knotted together. The most prevalent variety of pile rugs is Persian weaving. Persian piled rugs frequently use contrasted colours tied together consecutively to create their elaborate designs.

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Handmade Rugs Showroom in India

Using Our Hand-Knotted Rugs to Shine up your home

The weaving strategy employed affects a carpet's texture. Because of the creativity, time, and work required to create them, handmade carpets are typically pricey. Around the world, hand- knotted rugs rank among the most precious and costly rugs. Customers have chosen them to express their sophisticated taste and appreciation for art. The best works of art that a person may own are without a doubt hand-knotted rug. These exquisite treasures, whether they are Persian rugs or handmade carpets in a contemporary way, can really bring a place to live.

Handmade area rugs convey an impression of magnificence that can fascinate spectators due to their intricate designs, soft textures, and maturity-level traditional weaving techniques. Some of the finest artisans in the world create our carpets by fusing cutting-edge design and architectural concepts with traditional woven and textile art techniques. We think that these design collisions lead to original concepts that provide artwork you can step over.

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Why Choose Saraswati Global for Hand-Knotted Rugs?

A magnificent heirloom for your living area decoration, this Hand-Knotted Carpet's exquisite manufacture begins with sheep's wool. The natural fibres they are constructed of and the appropriate care and treatment they receive are what make them the ones that last for generations. In high-traffic areas like the living room, bedroom, and corridors, hand-knotted rugs are ideal for decoration. Hand-knotted rugs are strong enough to last for many years because they are made with such high-quality wool. Wool, which is the most very well-durable fibre, offers the most pleasant experience to the foot. The Carpet's strength comes from its content wool, which makes it ideal for areas of high traffic and daily use and tear.


Hand-knotted rugs are more valuable than surplus ones since they are unique. A hand-knotted rug outpaces a hand-tufted one due to the superior quality of the knots. A hand-tufted rug's tufts tend to loosen and fall out beyond time.

If you like to alter home interiors every seven to ten years, it may be a positive idea that they won't stay forever. Elegant rugs are those that have been hand-knotted. They can endure a lifetime because of the thorough and durable rug manufacture.

Hand-knotted rugs are remarkably resistant and have a long lifespan. They are stronger than other types of carpets on the market since they are composed of the finest wool. You won't have to spend a significant amount of money on these rugs because of their low care requirements.

Rugs made of polypropylene are stain- and fade-resistant even when left outside. As a result, they are excellent choices for both indoor and outdoor settings that see a lot of wetness or spills. Rugs made of polypropylene don't soak liquid.

Usually, silk or wool is used to make luxury area rugs. Silk has a particular brilliance that is impossible to reproduce and is gentle to the touch. This natural material requires patience while processing and collecting. Even though the cost is increased as a result, many consumers still think it is worthwhile.

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