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Rugs made by hand tufting are ones that have no knots in them. Rather, a riveting gun is used to fire wool threads through a fabric. A hand tufted carpet develops faster than a hand-knotted carpet. As a result, production costs are reduced significantly. Hand-embroidered rugs are hence reasonably priced. A hand-woven carpet is made by starting with a canvas hung on a framework. A riveting tool is then used to pierce yarn threads into the fabric as the pattern is sketched on it. The process is quicker, less time-consuming, and much less skilled than hand- made carpets. The silk covering on the backside is the most obvious sign that a rug is hand tufted. To finish the carpet, a border is frequently applied using glue or sewing.

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In keeping with their name, these carpets use hand-embroidered tools to pierce the cloth and thread into a textile while adding a backing to conceal the glue that ties the rug together. Even though this approach is quicker than hand-knotting, the rugs made with it are not as strong and elegant as those made using the latter method, hence Saraswati Global is hugely famous for manufacturing amazing hand tufted rugs. While still being made, a hand tufted carpet is created in a significantly shorter amount of time thanks to the employment of a tufting gun. At Saraswati Global, customized hand tufted rugs have been reviewed as reasonably priced and nevertheless incredibly tough. There is a slim probability that any imperfections might be seen if the style or theme is chosen. Since some of it is done with technological tools, finishing a unique rug even in a few days with just one person becomes simpler.

Most traditional hand tufted carpets are made up of many parts. Borders often consist of two parts: the main, wide exterior border and the guard border, which is smaller and is located inside the main boundary. The field, which can vary widely, is the vibrant background inside the boundaries. A medallion is a form, emblem, person, portrait, flower, or another piece of artwork that occupies the field's centre. The decorations that fill the outer edges of the carpet are semi-brackets, panels, or rafters.

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Handmade Rugs Showroom India Best Handmade Rugs Showroom India
Handmade Rugs Showroom in India

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Hand tufted carpets provide lovely patterns to your space. They are expertly crafted and exude elegance and relaxation. They enhance the appearance of your floor. A rug is hand tufted using a painstaking and fascinating procedure. The Mughal emperor Akbar is credited with bringing the craft of textile manufacturing to India under his rule. Persian carpets were favoured by the Mughal rulers for their imperial residences and courts. The style progressively assimilated local fashions and influences as well as Indian art. As a result, the carpets manufactured started to be recognized as being of Indian origin, and the business started to expand and grow throughout the subcontinent. India-made carpets quickly rose to fame, and demand for them expanded internationally.

Today, a large international market is served by the booming Indian hand tufted carpet and handcrafted carpet business. Indian hand tufted rugs have been proven renowned for their meticulously detailed patterns and the portrayal of lifelike characteristics. Indian carpets are renowned for their fine workmanship and high quality. The most sought-after hand tufted carpet are those made by hand in India. The refined elegance and superb craftsmanship are well appreciated. Indian handcrafted carpets are particularly prized internationally and sold to over 150 countries.

Indian unique hand tufted rugs from Saraswati Global are recognized for their unique designs, robust construction, and premium materials. Their designs are adaptable and seductive. The craftsmen adhere to a rich, centuries-old heritage of rug-making.

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Choose the Right-Hand Tufted Carpet and Rugs for your Home

A carpet can be considered a great home design tool. They serve as floor sculptures. They only offer a compliment to the existing decor. A rug is an ideal decoration for your home if you wish to add some colour and texture. Your space can go from traditional to modern with only one easy change to the rug. To choose the ideal floorspace rug for your home, keep the following factors in mind:

As per your interests, tastes, and choices, there are numerous rug styles on the market. Your property can look stylish, traditional, dramatic, or trendy by picking the proper rug style.

Whether we're talking about panels, chandeliers, furniture, or other components of our home, colour plays a significant influence. The first obvious consideration when choosing an area rug is colour. Your favourite colour or the hues you'd like to dwell with could serve as the starting point.

The size of the area rug is important for the home's décor. Hand tufted carpets that are either too tiny or too large inevitably lead to a mistake. One of the frequent decorating errors is choosing the wrong size of carpeting.

Any rug's design has a value of its own and makes a significant contribution to the decor of the home. If your surroundings are plain in colour, a designed rug would be more appropriate; if your rooms are designed, strong carpets would be the ideal choice. Saraswati Global provides you with rugs of the ideal combination of the above- mentioned points.

Handmade Rugs Showroom in India

Designer Hand Tufted Carpet that Suits your Lifestyle

Hand tufted carpets from Saraswati Global are ideal for giving your Interior Decor that unique, high-end touch. These carpets last a long time and provide beauty and comfort to your home's decor. These hand tufted rugs are hand-tufted by craftsmen using local Indian weavers' traditional methods and natural yarns and dyes. Utilizing tufting equipment with detachable needles to create tangles in the wool is known as hand-tufting.

Hand tufted carpets commonly referred to as hand-woven rugs are typically handmade and one-of-a-kind. These rugs take a long time to weave and require the weavers to have specialised expertise. Expert hands delicately design each rug, giving it a unique appearance and pattern. Every stitch is incredibly intricate, and with wear, they usually become softer.

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Why choose Saraswati Global for Hand Tufted Rugs in India

Every customer, regardless of their spending capacity, is important to us. We are known as the best rug maker in Delhi because we specialize in fulfilling the needs of our customers by giving them delightfully warm and comfortable cushioning and hand tufted carpets for their houses. The price is justified by the highest calibre fibres used in our luxury selections, which last for generations without degrading.

Each rug and carpet we sell is a rare creation handcrafted by a team of skilled artisans. We have a vast range of artists and classic rugs from ancient to the present, in addition to our trustworthy customers from all over the world. To assist our clients in choosing a piece of artwork for their homes, we collaborate collaboratively with them.


Due to their uniqueness, hand-knotted carpets are more expensive than those manufactured in large quantities. Due to the stronger knots, a hand-made rug lasts longer than a hand-tufted one.

They frequently consist of wool, and based on the producer and the materials utilized, they may endure up to twenty years.

Looking at the rug's back is one of the greatest methods to determine if it was hand knotted or manufactured by a machine.

Hand tufted rugs aren't entirely created by hand. Instead, a human shoots chunks of wool through with a canvas background using a mechanical tool. The bearer fills in the outline on the backing of this canvas. Because the threads are not tied into the wool, this differs from knotted carpets.

Even if they cost more, handmade rugs are always the finest option when purchasing rugs. Handmade rugs are superior for numerous reasons, including the following: Rugs that are produced by hand are more robust and may last a generation.

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