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A piece of dense material placed on a floor is called a rug. Although it covers a lesser area, it is similar to a carpet. This floor covering may frequently be put into a big washer and is much easier to clean. Such floor covering often costs significantly less to clean since it requires less maintenance. Your one-stop shop for premium wholesale rugs and made-to-order carpets is Saraswati Global.

A fantastic way to add brilliant colors to your home is by purchasing the trendiest rugs for sale at Saraswati Global. We provide you with an eco-friendly feel and look if you want a natural aesthetic.

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A nice rug is among the few things that can dramatically change a space. If you're looking for a new floor covering, we can provide you with the cheapest deal on rugs for sale based on your needs. There are many fashionables, modern carpets available, as well as more conventional, antique choices in a variety of hues and designs. Despite being more expensive, Saraswati Global's products are of good quality and frequently made of natural materials.

Additionally, we have a whole area of carpets that have received Fair Trade certification. When looking for anything fashionable and reasonably priced, it's typically your first choice because of the quick distribution and excellent rates. The majority of our stock is made up of hand-crafted wool and viscose rugs in classic Persian and Turkish designs, while there are also many treasures from your favorite contemporary stores.

Handmade Rugs Showroom India Best Handmade Rugs Showroom India

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The ease of cleaning the rug, how long you want to use it, and whether you prefer particular sorts of materials are some more considerations that you might want to have in mind. There are several kinds of area rugs that you should be aware of.

Hand-Knotted Rugs: The best rugs weavers weave this one knot at the moment, according to ancient techniques. Our hand-knotted rugs for sale are made single at a time on a weaver using materials like cotton, wool, bamboo silk, and pure silk, giving each one a special appearance. The knot density on the back of the carpet, which has a flat pattern, is what determines the quality of these carpets.

Hand-Tufted Rugs: The process of making a hand-tufted rugs begins with a canvas spread across a frame. After that, as the pattern is created on the canvas, a tufting tool is used to punch yarn strands into it. The process is a little less time-consuming, labor- intensive, and skill-demanding than custom carpets. The easiest way to tell if a rug is hand tufted is by looking at the scrim backing on the backside.

Flat Weave Rugs: As implied by the name, these rugs are "flat" and devoid of the pile; they are made of weft strands that operate as both a pattern and a component of the base, warp strands that act as the basis where yarns are stretched vertically from top to bottom on a loom. The majority of the rugs for sale produced by Saraswati Global are noted for their flexibility and come in rich colors and intricate designs.

Machine-made Rug: These rugs are manufactured by a machine, often using synthetic materials but occasionally utilizing wool. Machine-made rugs are not a smart choice if you can buy a real hand-knotted rug. It's simple to spot a machine-made rug because, in addition to having the fringe stitched on the backside to give them the appearance of being handmade, their designs and measurements are frequently flawless.

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People love having gorgeous rugs in their houses as interior designs. They are frequently used as interior decoration for several reasons, including their beauty. Before you spend money on rugs, there are many things you as a consumer should understand about them:

a. Size of the Room: Finding a rug that fits the size requirements of a certain area is crucial when selecting one. The size of the rug you choose will depend on the space size. Therefore, this is a crucial decision-making process. A large rug that takes up the whole floor area in a small room may seem intrusive and feel confining.

b. Purpose of the Rug: You should be aware of the reason for purchasing a rug because it can serve several different purposes. Would you prefer to put it as a piece of art on the wall or just leave it on the floor for display? Are you only looking to safeguard your flooring? If so, choose Saraswati Global for a robust yet affordable rug.

c. Upkeep and Cleaning: Rugs are a wonderful addition to any room's design and serve a variety of other purposes brilliantly. However, cleaning numerous of them may occasionally be rather scary. Choose ultra-fine silk or wool carpets since they last the longest and require the least amount of upkeep. Silk is a fabric made of proteins and is very effective at absorbing moisture.

d. Materials and Style: A rug's aesthetic description can be broken down into an almost infinite number of categories. However, the work style is frequently determined by the material it is composed of.

Handmade Rugs Showroom in India

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If you have a thorough sketch of your design or are inspired by an existing design, Saraswati Global may collaborate with you to produce rugs for sale that genuinely enhances a room and daily life. Our knowledgeable staff helps you to select the best rug designs for your house. We provide you with the ability to express your creativity and design a unique rug that will look great in your home. To captivate people with the rug's exquisite finery, amazing workmanship, and uniqueness, you may offer your original and creative patterns and themes in speckling shades and colors.

Handmade Rugs Showroom in India

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Saraswati Global has advanced the art of rug design by utilizing its long history of exquisite designs, technical advancements, and cultural heritage. The greatest asset of the business is the robust and extensive community of artists and weavers that SGPL has successfully established over the years. We may work with you to design flooring where the colors are consistent, but the characteristics vary according to the type of space the carpet will be installed in, giving your home a more upscale and refined appearance.


The number of knots or threads per square inch is known as the line count. The quality improves as the quantity does. Although carpets with over 5,000 knots per square inch are possible to acquire, rugs with 210 to 410 knots per square inch are frequently considered to be of acceptable quality.

Your skin will feel smooth and comfortable under cotton area rugs. Cotton does not shed like wool does, making cotton rugs simpler to maintain than wool rugs.

The pricing of rugs is significantly influenced by the rug's excellence and the amount of time spent weaving it. The price will increase in direct proportion to the tangle density because more effort was spent on it.

The quality of the rug and the time it takes to stitch it have a big impact on how much they cost. Since more work was put into it, the price will rise in exact proportion to the knot density.

As a basic guideline, rugs should be washed every 11 to 17 months, although depending on several conditions, it may be wise to do so more or less frequently. Your habits, the sort of rugs you own, and the environmental factors your carpets are subjected to will all play a role.