Pricing Policy

At SGPL we have taken special care to set the price for each carpet/rug. A lot of time & calculation has gone into finalizing the price for each article. We have made sure to provide our customers the finest quality at the most reasonable price. 

We have our set parameters like efforts, skill, quality, intricacy of design, construction type, shape, size, material used etc. for finalizing the prices of our products. All our carpets & rugs under the SHOP category have their prices clearly mentioned alongside in INR & the MRP includes the Value added tax & the GST. For products under other sections you can freely ask for the price.. 

Discounted price schedule
If & when we have any discount sale going on, the discounted price is clearly mentioned along with the product. This rebated price is only applicable for a fixed duration of time which is clearly mentioned on the website.   

Products placed in Cart
The price of the product placed in your shopping cart is liable to change from the time you placed it in your cart to the time when you place an order for it. Placing a product in your cart doesn’t fix the price, if a product is placed in cart during a discount sale but the order is placed after the discount is over then the product will be charged as per the fresh price. In clearer terms, the price mentioned for the product on the day of placing the order would be considered the final price.  

Price Matching
At Saraswatii we are committed to provide our customers the finest quality products at the most reasonable price. We might not be providing you the cheapest price but we definitely believe in providing the best in class quality products.We can’t match the prices of our products with products on sale or auctions, or under any kind of offers on other websites. 

Pricing Errors
We pay great attention to ensure the accuracy of our pricing. Despite our efforts, if at all an item's price is higher than the price displayed, we reserve the right to cancel your order and notify you of the cancellation & changed price. In this case your amount shall be refunded into your account in 7 working days.

Our Customer Service Executives are happy to assist you—simply call : 0141-2671890 at 10am to 6.30pm in between monday to saturday.