When you design your home, you handpick every small décor item to create your special cozy den; so why shouldn’t you have a rug that truly compliments your interiors & reflects your choice. We have made this possible under this section. We love to create personalised rugs for our esteemed customers. Let us know your choice of design, shape, size, colour, material & construction technique, even if you want a particular pattern to be highlighted that too is possible. Share all your ideas & preferences & we will bring it into life.

Made-To-Order/Personalised Rugs

Personalising Process

At times our home needs a special personal touch, a made-to-order rug that blends with our home & us. If you want ideas do browse through our extensive catalogue with eclectic designs, or if you already have a design in your mind share it with us. A number of options are available for customising like shape, size, colour combinations, materials & up/downscaling of patterns. So sit with our team to customize your perfect rug totally as per your taste.



Share your imaginations with our skilled professionals who will add life to your vision. Together we will create the perfect blend of colour, shape, technique, design & material which would result in a luxurious piece of fine art, a cherished possession that will adorn your home.

Send us your Requirements

To begin the custom design own rugs process, upload images, references or pieces of inspiration below. A member of our team will be in touch shortly to discuss your project.