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India's largest manufacturer of hand knotted rugs!

Saraswatii Global Pvt. Ltd. is India’s leading manufacturer of handmade area rugs, with $20 Million USD in production and over $6 Million USD in direct U.S. exports. Founded in 1986, Saraswatii has grown methodically, thoughtfully, and intentionally to become India’s largest vertically integrated production syndicate, producing exceptional rugs at nearly every price point and construction for customers in every channel of distribution: design, retail, hospitality, commercial, and big box accounts.

Saraswatii has brought all major pillars of production under its roof to ensure quality and consistency at every production point. From raw materials to design, and finally to weaving and finishing, Saraswatii possesses a natural advantage over its competition in that Saraswatii is able to monitor manufacturing under strict supervision and ensure unparalleled quality. Above all, however, Saraswatii’s rugs are the celebration of the hearts, minds, and hands of the Indian culture through adroit design capabilities, and vibrant colors that will empower, encourage, educate, and inform future generations. Thank you for visiting Saraswatii! We welcome you to explore the website to learn more about our world.

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