Best Carpet Cleaning Methods

Tips and tricks to clean your carpets for healthier homes

Carpet cleaning can be a comprehensive task, however, when adopted with right tips and tricks, this job can go smooth promising a clean home and office with healthy surroundings. Although there are many ways to keep your carpets clean, we hereby bring out the five best ways to keep carpets clean for your healthy surroundings.


This is the latest technology which with times, has gone synonymous to carpet cleaning due to its unique features. The smooth yet simple process promises a deeper cleaning of carpets along with fast drying. Worldwide, over 10,000 households daily are cleaning their carpets using this method and around 1 billion square feet of carpet is being cleaned each year with this novel method. The usage of Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) cleaning in this process promises a long lasting and deeper cleaning. As it promises a green certified solution which is quite natural and safe for your family, you get quite a clean carpet for your family and office colleagues, wherever the carpet is spread.

The best advantage of chem dry carpet is that it consumes lesser water as compared to steam method. In fact, it uses 80% less water when compared to typical steam cleaning method, ensuring carpets gets dried within hours

Carpets stay cleaner for a longer time as there is no dirt-attracting residue left behind. Also lower water method means lesser risk of mold growth under your carpet.

Hot Water Extraction Cleaning:

This process is also known as steam carpet cleaning which uses the technique of hot water extraction to make the carpet fiber clean while dissolving the dirt using high pressured hot water.


Once cleaning agents settle in carpet, it is washed by carpet cleaning equipment which rinses the agent thoroughly. Soon after, the carpet is left in a room to dry.

On an average, a carpeted office of 3000 sq. feet generally takes 2 hours to clean and four hours to dry. Most of the companies choose late afternoon time for this method so that once cleaning is done, the carpet is left to dry in night.

Carpet Shampooing:

This technology came in 1970s. It was largely used to clean the heavily soiled carpet. However with the advent of encapsulation, this technology slowly lost its luster among carpet users.



This is yet another popular technology which uses synthetic detergents as its base which is then crystallized into powder form when the cleaning foam is applied on it. Soon after it is brushed or vacuumed when the form dries. This is the technology which is highly recommended by environment-friendly circles as there is lesser amount of chemical residues left after cleaning the carpet. Also it consumes lesser water and hence is easily dried in lesser time as compared to other technologies.

In fact, this technology has been giving some good cleaning results; however, it goes limited in its approach when it comes to clean the heavy soiling carpet.

Bonnet Cleaning:

This part of the process is mainly suited for hotels as it cleans the top part of the carpet fiber while using a heavy duty motorized machine along with a spinning pad which has been immersed along with a cleaning solution. It is quick to absorb dirt form carpet surface.

In hotels, this process works smooth as it gives quick fix solution for carpet cleaning in high traffic area. There is not much moisture and hence it can easily dry preventing hotel guests from having any kind of inconvenience.

However, it comes with a challenge which is that the dirt from beneath the carpet emerges quickly to the surface within a small span of time as bonneting does not clean the carpet from deep within. There is yet another challenge. Bonneting causes accumulation of chemical residue on carpet as pressure emanates from heavy machine on spinning pad which further pushes the applied chemical allowing dirt to stick on carpet.

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Dry Carpet Cleaning:

A recently launched technology, it has penetrated the market fast owing to its distinguished properties which include its out of the box cleaning performance. The other factor is convenience it gives to the customers as there is hardly any time required to dry it.

Dry carpet cleaning is also called as compound cleaning and has been launched in around 1980s. However there are clients who still doubt its efficiency as for years, they have been using wet carpet cleaning methods to clean the carpets. Since dry carpet cleaning technology was invented in 1980s, there are many types of cleaning compound or powders as well that have been developed in the market. As this cleaning technology is considered relatively new compared to other conventional wet carpet cleaning methods that have been trusted and used for decades, many still doubt the effectiveness of this cleaning technology.


The cleaning compound or powder is applied on bottom part of carpet with the help of a motorized counter rotating brush machine which then opens the carpet fiber blowing the powder to settle inside. Hence it gives deep carpet cleaning result. This cleaning substance is made from a biodegradable material which works like micro-sponges. They can effectively absorb dissolve dirt from carpet which can be later removed via a well-defined cleaning process. The manufacturers of dry carpet cleaning equipment have their own cleaning compound or powders formula. Also, they come out with their own customized equipment design and function.  This method is highly recommended for commercial spaces which operate round the clock as the work will not interrupt during carpet cleaning process

These were the best methods being used by the client’s world across to clean the carpets. However, one also needs to keep in mind the fibers which have been used to produce the carpet.

In case of silk, one needs to avoid the use of a roller brush or beater and abide by the age old method of – hanging the rug outside and beating it to remove dust and dirt, while also providing airing. Prevent using enzymatic cleaners as these cleaners may break down the silk fibers. Also stop applying chlorine bleach to silk as it can destroy the fibers. Silk Carpet

For wool, one needs to vacuum the wool rug twice a month & the underside once in two months. Prevent using beater bars and give it a beating by hanging the rug outside. Try not to steam carpet clean it at home and for easy stains use a solution of vinegar, water & a mild soap. Check Wool Carpet

For natural fiber carpets,  one needs to vacuum them regularly to keep dirt off from getting trapped in the fibers
Try not to steam clean or wet as natural fibers are highly absorbent and may cause shrinkage.Suction cleaning or dry extraction cleaning is recommended. Vacuum regularly without the beater bar turned and for best results, try periodic professional cleaning. Natural Fiber Carpet

The polyester & polyethylene carpets can look great if they are vacuumed regularly. This carpet dries fast so deep steam carpet cleaning works great to release dirt from fiber. Use rug/carpet cleaners that are safe on synthetic fibers

We at Saraswati Global Pvt Ltd. recommend you to take care of your carpets periodically. In case you don’t have the required time, you can always hire professionals for the same purpose. Regular care & cleaning increases the carpets longevity and also enhances its ornamental value allowing them to give an everlasting decor to your sweet home as well as your commercial spaces

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