Carpet Cleaning

Carpets need a lot of care to stay beautiful & comfortable for years. We all have a busy lifestyle but we must take out sometime to take care of & clean our pricey carpets. With small tips you can easily keep your carpets clean at home. Regular cleaning of carpets enhances its beauty & charm.

Different fibres require different cleaning methods; here we are sharing some important tips to clean your carpets:

1. Frequent vacuuming you silk rug to pick the dirt before it settles
2. Avoid the use of a roller brush or beater.
3. Another safe alternative is by abiding by the age old method of – hanging the rug outside and beating it to remove dust and dirt, while also providing airing.
4. Don’t use enzymatic cleaners as these cleaners may break down the silk fibers
5. Never consider applying chlorine bleach to silk; it won’t just cause colour loss – it will destroy the fibres.
6. For serious stains, call a professional cleaner.

1. Vacuum your wool rug twice a month & the underside once in two months.
2. Do not use beater bars
3. Hang the rug outside & give it a beating
4. Do not try steam cleaning at home
5. For easy stains use a solution of vinegar, water & a mild soap.
6. For difficult stains consult a professional cleaner.

1. Natural fibers are highly absorbent and need to be cleaned regularly to keep them looking good long term
2. Vacuum regularly to keep dirt from getting trapped in the fibers
3. Do not steam clean or wet as natural fibers are highly absorbent and may cause shrinkage.
4. Suction cleaning or dry extraction cleaning is recommended.
5. Vacuum regularly without the beater bar turned on (or on highest pile setting).
6. For best results, periodic professional cleaning is recommended

1. Polyester is dirt and stain resistant and will look great for a long time just by vacuuming regularly
2. It dries fast so deep steam/rug cleaning works great to release dirt from fiber
3. If spills occur blot immediately
4. Use rug/carpet cleaners that are safe on synthetic fibers
5. For best results, deep cleaning is recommended once per year (or as needed)

We at Saraswatii Global Pvt Ltd. would recommend you to take care of your carpets periodically. In case you don’t have the required time, you can always hire professionals for the same purpose. Regular care & cleaning increases the carpets longevity & also its ornamental value.

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