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Rugs and carpets: How to differentiate between the two!

Wanna go to buy rugs? The salesman is showing a diverse range of carpets? But, now, you are confused on how to choose and what to choose as you are clueless between the difference of rugs and carpets?

So here we bring in a few tips which can help you make clarity between rugs and carpets:

Size does matter:

Rugs and carpets are both essentially the same, however, the only difference is the size. Rugs are basically smaller.

Now, carpets can be rolled too much like rugs:

Traditionally, carpets were considered as a floor covering which remained fixed and installed wall-to-wall, however, today carpets can be rolled up much like a rug and are not always fixed.

Carpets usually are bigger than rugs:

They however are bigger than rugs, which usually come with a side of less than 6 feet in length. Meanwhile, in colder climates, rugs are used sometimes on top of a wall-to-wall carpet for added warmth.

Point to remember while buying rug:

While buying the timeless artistry, you should keep it in mind that a carpet or rug should not be too small. If it is, it will get lost in your room. Also, it should not be so large that it overwhelms the space in the room.

Choose carpets which define the area:

Ideally, the carpet should be of a size that defines the area where it is used. For a living room, the carpet you choose should be sturdy, durable, and look good as well and it should go with the décor theme and your colour palette.

Similarly, for the dining room, you should opt for darker colours, or for light colours which do not get stained.

Hope these quick tips have ceased all your doubts and now you are aware of the fact that rugs and carpets basically are the same and hence you can go for shopping with clear minds now.